Account activation

Activating a workflow user account

Before using SpeechLive, workflow users need to activate their account if they have received an invitation email from the SpeechLive system.

Your individual activation is required to keep your dictations and your SpeechLive access secure.

In the following use cases you are already activated as an author in SpeechLive:

  • If you have created a SpeechLive trial account in SpeechExec

  • If you have created a SpeechLive trial account in the Philips Voice Recorder app

  • If you have signed up for a trial account in the SpeechLive portal

  • If you have purchased a single-user account in the SpeechLive portal

For these use cases it is not required to send an Invitation email to yourself as an author, because SpeechLive re-uses the email and the password that you have defined for the account administrator.


Its also not necessary to go through the following steps if your IT administrator added your user via Microsoft Azure Active Directory. In this case you can just sign in with your Microsoft account.

Running through the activation process

  1. If you are set up as new workflow user by the Account administrator you will receive an Activation email from SpeechLive.

  2. Click on the Activate button to start the activation.

  3. You will be forwarded to the Activation web page.

  4. Please enter a Password with the following preconditions and confirm it.

  5. Please confirm to the End user license agreement, the Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy policy.

    • Optionally you can give your consent to be contacted by Speech Processing Solutions representative or a reseller.

  6. Click Accept invitation.

  7. After that your account is activated. You can directly log on to SpeechLive dictation management and connect SpeechExec or the Philips Voice Recorder app with SpeechLive.