Change payment information


In this section you can update your payment information free of cost in case your credit card expires, or if you want to change the credit card during a purchase period. SpeechLive has to do a physical transaction of 1 EUR/GBP/USD/CAD/AUD and 10 DKK to verify the validity of the payment data and to change the payment details. The costs for this transaction will be refunded within the next 24 hours.

If your current payment details have expired it might happen that dictations in transcription service get stuck due to a payment failure.

  • To change the payment information click on Change

  • Confirm your order by clicking on Pay on the next page or go back by clicking on Cancel.

  • On the next page select your payment type (Credit card or direct debit*) and enter your new payment data.

  • Click on Pay to complete the transaction and to update your payment data.

*...only available in Austria, Germany and the Nederlands