Dictation list

In the dictation list you can see all dictations that are available in the selected folder.


The dictation list contains the following columns:




Displays the dictation state as an icon.

The State column can be sorted according to Priority, Pending, In Progress, and Finished dictations by clicking on 'State' in the column header. 

In the State column the following icons can be displayed:

WL_Pending-dictation_icon.png Transcription pending

WL_Suspended-dictation_icon.png Dictation in progress or suspended

WL_Suspended-dictation-rejected_icon.png Transcription rejected from speech recognition

WL_Finished-dictation_icon.png Transcription finished

WL_Finished-Priority-dictation_icon.png Dictation with priority

WL_selected-dictation-Play_icon.png Open player. This icon appears when hovering on the status icon. Clicking on it opens the SpeechLive web player. Transcriptionists can control the player with their Philips foot control.

Reminder bar

For transcriptionists the blue reminder bar displays whether a dictation is waiting for processing.

If the dictation has been opened by any connected transcriptionist the reminder bar disappears.

The reminder bar can be hidden in the Notification settings.


This column displays the following items:

  • Dictation file name and file extension

  • attachment.png Attachment

  • Dictation state in written form


This is the owner of the dictation.

Work type

This is the work type of the dictation.


This is the creation date/time of the dictation.


This is date/time when the dictation was uploaded to SpeechLive.


This is the dictation length in HH:MM:SS.


This is the title of the dictation.

Due date

The due date for this dictation as set by the author.


This is the category of the dictation.


This is a comment that a user can add to the dictation.

Custom 1-5

These are properties that can be used for individual information assigned to a dictation e.g. Customer ID, Customer name,...

You can manually rearrange the columns via drag and drop.


Work list pagination

If the dictation list exceeds 50 dictation items SpeechLive will add pagination to the work list display.

The number of pages is then displayed at the bottom of the dictation list.