Available SpeechLive Services


Real-time speech recognition

Turn your voice into text instantly by using a desktop dictation microphone or the built in microphone in your laptop. See the Speech recognition section for more details.

  1. Navigate to the Dictations tab and click on Start speech recognitionstart_stt_icon.png in the toolbar.

  2. Choose the language csm_lang-select_icon_98f48666de.png before you start.

  3. Use a desktop dictation microphone to get the best speech recognition results:

  4. Click on Record/PauseRecord_DD_hover_icon.png to start.

    • When you start speech recognition for the first time, you will be asked by your browser to allow access to your microphone:

      Click on Allow to continue.

    • You can also use different voice commands, click on Available commandscsm_voice-commands_icon_82b5e93108.png to display all commands.

    • Click on Settingscsm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png to add your own vocabulary (this increases the probability of using the defined spelling).

  5. Finish the speech recognition session by clicking on FinishFinish-dictation_icon.png in the toolbar.

  6. To download your transcribed text, select the dictation in the dictation list.

  7. Click on DownloadDownload_icon.png in the toolbar and select Download attachments.

Speech recognition

Click on Send to speech recognitionSend-to-SR_icon.png in the toolbar to send your dictation to speech recognition. The Speech recognition section covers this process in more details.

You can also use the SpeechLive Mobile App to send your dictations to speech recognition or the transcription service. The SpeechLive Mobile App section covers all necessary steps to set up SpeechLive in the app and how to send dictations to different services.

Transcription service

Click on Send to transcription serviceSend-to-TS_icon.png in the toolbar. Your dictation will be transcribed by (human) transcriptionists. The Transcription service section covers this in more details.