Archive settings

In the archive settings you can define the visibility and the behavior of archived dictations.


Visibility of archived dictations

With this settings you can define whether all users or only specific users can see dictations in their Archive folder.

For security reasons we urgently recommend to select the setting: Archived dictations are only visible to the uploader and related transcriptionists. Otherwise it might happen that users might see dictations in their Archive folder which they are not authorized for.


This function is only available for SpeechLive Pro and Enterprise.

Auto archive settings

With this setting you can define the schedule when dictations with the state 'Transcription finished' are moved to the archive. This cleans up the work list of the users and reduces any latencies in the system.


With this setting you can define when archived dictations will be purged from the archive. You can set the purge interval from 1 to 365 days (default are 30 days).