With the Backup function you can download all files of your account that are currently in the SpeechLive system.


This option is available for Account administrators and Office managers only.


  • To create a new backup click on the Create new Backup icon Create_new_backup.png in the toolbar.

  • SpeechLive now starts collecting the dictations for the backup.

  • In the backup list the current status is displayed.


    Please note that on large accounts the data collection can take some time.

  • Once the backup is finished the backup file is ready for download.


    The list displays the backup creation data and time, the number of files in the backup and the backup size.

  • To download the backup select the backup from the list and click on the download icon.

  • The backup is downloaded as a Zip file to your local drive.

  • The backup zip file contains the complete folder structure and all dictations that were available at the backup creation time in your SpeechLive account.