Supported SpeechMikes

SpeechLive supports sound recording from a SpeechMike without any additional installation. However, additional steps are necessary to control the web recorder of SpeechLive with your SpeechMike. The full setup process is covered in the Set up your dictation hardware with SpeechLive section.

The SpeechLive Web Recorder supports the following SpeechMike editions:

SpeechMike Premium Air

  • SMP4000

  • SMP4010


SpeechMike Premium Touch

  • SMP3700

  • SMP3710

  • SMP3800

  • SMP3810


SpeechMike Premium

  • LFH3500

  • LFH3600


The following SpeechMike devices are not supported:

  • SpeechMike 1 (e.g. LFH6174/6274)

  • SpeechMike 2 (e.g. LFH5274/5276)

  • SpeechMike 3 (LFH3200/3300 series)

  • SpeechMike Air (LFH3000 series)

  • SpeechMike Premium slider versions LFH3510/3520

  • SpeechMike Premium Touch slider version SMP3720