SpeechLive transcription service


In this section you can crosscheck and edit diverse settings for the selected transcription service.


You can only select one specific transcription service language for your account

Transcription service settings




Displays whether the transcription service is currently 'enabled' or 'disabled'.

If no transcription service has been selected so far the status is 'not activated'

Credit balance

Displays the currently available transcription service credits of your account.

For standard dictations (no priority, no multi-speaker) the number of credits translate into the number of available dictation minutes that can be sent to the transcription service.


This is the selected transcription service language.

It is not possible to send recordings with a different language nor is it possible to send recordings with mixed languages to the transcription service.


For best transcription results please speak in a clear and calm manner. Avoid to rush or mumble words and also try to not speak any dialect expressions since they might not be known by our transcriptionists.

More information on how to dictate can be found here (dictation rules)


  • Auto-recharge xx minutes if the balance is less than xx minutes 

    Defines if and with how many minutes the trancription service is recharged if the current value is below a certain threshold value. Account administrators can enable or disable this setting and change the recharge value and the threshold level.


    We recommend to enable this setting for seamless operation.

  • Enable transcription of multi-speaker recordings (interviews, phone conversations, meetings …)

    Defines whether users can send off multi-speaker dictations for transcription.


    If this setting is enabled auto-recharge will be automatically enabled as well.


  • Send an email notification when the monthly costs exceed xx EUR/GBP/USD/CAD/AUD/DKK

    Sends an email notification to the account administrator if the monthly transcription service costs exceed the defined threshold level.

  • E-mail notification is sent when the balance is less than xx minutes

    Sends an email notification to the account administrator if the transcription service balance is less than the defined threshold level.


    It is recommended to activate this setting if the auto-recharge setting is disabled to guarantee a seamless operation

Buy transcription minutes

Click on this link if you would like to use the SpeechLive transcription service and there are no transcription service credits on your account. The link will forward you to the SpeechLive Online shop.

Enable transcription service

Click on this link if you would like to enable the SpeechLive transcription service.

Disable transcription service

Click on this link if you would like to disable the SpeechLive transcription service.


In some companies it might be required to disable this setting to actively avoid that dictations are sent abroad.

Transcription service history

In this section you can view all transcription service transactions of your account in the Transcription service history list. The list provides the option to apply a filter for a specific time period and it allows you to export the search results into a CSV file for further analysis.