Folder tree

The folder tree displays the available folders for authors and transcriptionists.




When working with SpeechLive folders, you may have noticed that not all folders behave the same way.

The most noticeable difference is between the Intray/Filters folder and any other default SpeechLive folders, for example the Private or the Author's dictations folders.

My Dictations folder for authors

The author's My Dictation folder is used by the SpeechLive workflow for storing the respective author's dictations in any state as long as they have not been moved to the Archive folder.

The author's My Dictations folders are displayed underneath the transcriptionist's Intray folder, if they have been mapped to the transcriptionists in the Workflow relationships management.

Intray Folder for transcriptionists

The transcriptionist's Intray folder displays all input folders for the transcriptionist into one simulated 'overview' folder.

By default the input for the Intray folder comes from the authors' dictations folders and from the Private folder.

Dictation folders from assigned authors

The dictation folders from assigned authors are displayed underneath the transcriptionist's Intray folder, as they have been mapped to the transcriptionist in the Workflow relationship management.

Private folder

The Private folder is used if you are using SpeechLive with SpeechExec where the Private folder is called Suspended folder. Depending on the settings for suspended dictations in SpeechExec Pro Dictate or when uploading dictations from a Digital Pocket Memo in SpeechExec Pro Transcribe dictations are moved to the Suspended folder.


In the SpeechLive dictation management web client dictations cannot be moved to a different folder.

Archived folder

When dictations are in the Transcription finished state they can be automatically or manually moved to the Archived folder. For automatic moving Transcription finished dictations to the Archive folder please visit the chapter Archive settings.

To manually move Transcription finished dictations to the archive select the dictation and click on the More icon [...] in the toolbar.

Filters folders

The Filters folders display all dictations which are in the Intray for the selected dictation state independent of their folder location.

There are three predefined filtered views:

  • Pending

  • Suspended

  • Finished