Transcription service

The Philips SpeechLive transcription service is a complete speech recognition workflow solution. If dictations have been assigned a priority status, important dictations will be transcribed even faster. The SpeechLive transcription service also supports dictations with multiple speakers, such as interviews, telephone conversations, or meetings.

Sending dictations to the transcription service

SpeechLive users have the option send a dictation to the SpeechLive transcription service.

To do that proceed as follows:

  1. Select the dictation you want to send to transcription service.

  2. Click on the Send to transcription service button Send-to-TS_icon.png .

    1. If the transcription of multi-speaker dictations (e.g. meetings, interviews) is enabled, select the number of speakers from the drop-down list and click on Send.

  3. The dictation is sent to the SpeechLive transcription service.

  4. You will receive the transcribed document as an RTF* attachment to the dictation in the SpeechLive dictation list, in the SpeechExec client, in the SpeechLive Mobile App, or in the notification email if the attachment option has been activated.

    * RTF: Rich Text Format


If you need to send multi-speaker dictations (e.g. interviews, meetings) to the transcription service and the multi-speaker option does not appear, please contact your account administrator to enable this function. Otherwise the transcription service might reject the dictation due to a wrongly defined number of speakers

  • If multi-speaker dictations are sent, extra charges will apply.

  • More information about extra charges can be found in the SpeechLive price list.

Recall dictation from transcription service

Sometimes you might want to recall a dictation that you just have sent off to the transcription service. SpeechLive allows a 2-minute period to recall dictations from the transcription service free of charge.

To do that proceed as follows:

  1. Select the dictation you want to recall from the transcription service.

  2. Click on the Recall from transcription service button Recall-from-TS_icon.png .

  3. The dictation is recalled and set back to the state Transcription pending.