Dictation recovery

In case you closed the browser window while recording, SpeechLive will recover the dictation when you start a dictation next time.

The SpeechLive dictation management toolbar will then show a 'Recover dictation' button instead of the Record button with which you will get the option to recover the interrupted dictation.


After clicking the Dictation Recovery button SpeechLive will show the following dialog:


  • Click Yes to continue the interrupted dictation.

    Click No to go back to the work list to open the recovered dictation later on.


As long as the 'Recover dictation' icon is visible, you cannot create a new dictation. You need to open the recovered dictation and click on Finish to send it to the next step in the workflow or click on Close to remove this dictation from your work list.


If you click on Close, the recovered dictation and all of its contents will be deleted.