How to activate multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication increases the security of your data / account. After activating this feature, users need to enter an additional verification code before they can log in to their SpeechLive account. The code is sent to the same email address the user is logging in with and is only valid for a limited time.

  • Only account administrators can change the multi-factor authentication settings.

  • Multi-factor authentication is not available for SpeechExec.

  • Disable multi-factor authentication if you are using SpeechLive via SpeechExec.

    Users will not be able to sign in to a SpeechLive account via SpeechExec if multi-factor authentication is enabled. This error message is displayed if multi-factor authentication is enabled for the SpeechLive account if attempt to log in via SpeechExec:


To activate/deactivate multi-factor authentication:

  1. Go to the Account tab.

  2. Click on the Edit account icon Account_TB_Edit.png in the toolbar.

  3. Scroll down to the Multi-factor authentication section.

  4. Choose Enabled (Email) or Disabled either for the Administrator or all Workflow users from the dropdown list.

    Administrator: Activate multi-factor authentication for the administrator of the SpeechLive account.

    Workflow users: Activate multi-factor authentication for all workflow users (e.g. authors, transcriptionists) of the SpeechLive account.

  5. Scroll down and click on Save to apply the new settings.

  • You can only activate/deactivate multi-factor authentication for all users, its not possible to set it only for specific users.

  • After activating multi-factor authentication, it may take a few minutes for the setting to be applied to all users.