Create a new dictation

  1. Start the SpeechLive Mobile App.

  2. Tap on the Plus speechlive_app_icon-new-recording.png button in the lower right corner.

    Choose Dictation.

  3. Tap on the Record speechlive_app_icon-record.png button to start a new dictation.

  4. Please allow the app access to the microphone of your device to continue.

  5. During the recording, you can pause by taping the Pause speechlive_app_icon-pause.png button.

  6. After you're finished, tap the speechlive_app_icon-finish.png button.

    • Choose Save as draftspeechlive_app_icon-save-as-draft.png to save and close your dictation.

      X Your dictation is saved and automatically synchronized with SpeechLive.


      If you're signed in via SpeechExec Enterprise, drafts are only saved locally in the app and are not synchronized to the server.

    • Choose Send to transcriptionistspeechlive_app_icon-send-to-transcriptionist.png to send the dictation directly to a transcriptionist. The Send dictations to a typist section covers this in more details.


Some Samsung devices record / play back distorted audio. In this case we advise to turn off Bluetooth until a bugfix has been released by Samsung.