1. Download the SpeechLive Mobile App on your smartphone:

  2. Open the app.

    Sign in to SpeechLive

    Sign in to SpeechExec Enterprise


    The SpeechLive Mobile App supports Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) as well as Mobile device management (MDM). This can be used by your organization's IT administrator to pre-configure the app. You can download a sample .xml file here.


Before you sign in to either SpeechLive or SpeechExec Enterprise you can also open the setting screen by taping the settings-icon_sign-in-screen.png icon. Here you can access the about screen, the online help and some other settings.

Philips Remote Device Manager: Here you can configure the access to Philips Remote Device Manager (PRDM). You can access the Technical documentation here, where you can find more information on how to set up and configure PRDM.