Send dictations to a transcriptionist

  1. Choose a dictation in the dictation list or create a new dictation.

  2. After you finished your dictation, tap on the speechlive_app_icon-finish.png button in the lower right corner.

  3. Choose Send to transcriptionistspeechlive_app_icon-send-to-transcriptionist.png.

  4. Choose a typist or team you want this dictation assigned to.

    • Activate Remember selection and you will not be asked again to choose a typist or team. You can change your preference in the settings of the app.

    • The list contains all typists or teams that are linked to your author account. The Creating relationships section covers in more detail how you can create workflow relationships.

    • (Default team): Every author is automatically linked to his default team and new dictations are assigned to it per default. All typists that are part of an authors default team will receive his dictations, the Creating relationships section covers in more detail how you can link typists.

    • Private (Unassigned): Dictations assigned to Private (Unassigned) are only visible to you.

  5. The dictation will be closed and moved to the Sentspeechlive_app_icon-dictation-sent-tab.png tab of the app.

    X Your transcriptionist receives the dictation.

Add and link a transcriptionist via SpeechLive


Adding new users and linking accounts is only available for SpeechLive administrators. Contact your SpeechLive administrator if you don't have access to the workflow tab. The Administrator section additionally covers topics specific to administrators.

To send a dictation to a transcriptionist, you need to add a user for the transcriptionist in SpeechLive and link the transcriptionist to your author account:

  1. Go to to log in to your SpeechLive account.

  2. Navigate to the Workflow tab.

  3. Click on the Add new user icon csm_Add-user_icon_935d897f6c.png in the toolbar.

  4. Fill out all necessary fields. The Add user section covers this process in more detail.

  5. After the transcriptionist activated their account, the status in the account list will change from Invited to Activated.

Make sure to link an author account to the account of a transcriptionist:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow tab.

  2. Click on Settingscsm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png in the toolbar.

  3. Choose Workflow relationships to link an author to a transcriptionist.

    The Creating relationships section covers this process in more detail.