Send dictations to speech recognition

  1. Choose a dictation in the dictation list or create a new dictation.

  2. After you finished your dictation, tap on the speechlive_app_icon-finish.png button in the lower right corner.

  3. Choose Send to speech recognitionspeechlive_app_send-to-automated-speech-to-text.png.

    • This option is only available if speech recognition is activated for your account. Please contact your account administrator if this option is missing.

    • You can also deactivate this option in the Settings of the app (turn off Enable speech recognition features on this device).

    • Send to speech recognition is only available for SpeechExec Enterprise if you’re using Speechkit.

  4. Choose the language of your dictation.

  5. The dictation will be closed and moved to the Sentspeechlive_app_icon-dictation-sent-tab.png tab of the app.

  6. As soon as the transcript is ready, the dictation is moved to the Finishedspeechlive_app_icon-dictation-finished-tab.png tab of the app. This is also indicated by an counter speechlive_app_icon-dictation-finished-tab-counter.png displayed at the Finished tab.

  7. To review the transcript, open the dictation and tap on the Info icon speechlive_app_info-grey.png in the lower right corner.

    Scroll to the bottom of the dictation properties to the Attachments section and tap on the .rtf file to open it.