Tap on the settings icon settings-icon.png to change the settings of the SpeechLive Mobile App.


Some settings are not available if you're signed in via SpeechExec Enterprise.

Keep display on during recording: Use this option to keep the display on whilst you are actively recording (after pressing the record button).

Do not disturb during recording: Suppress notifications whilst recording, to avoid unwanted interruptions (only available on Android).

Enable speech recognition features on this device: Turn off the speech recognition functions in the app. This includes Speech recognition as well as Send dictations to speech recognition.


This setting only deactivates the available options within the app and does not affect speech recognition functionalities in other SpeechLive applications.

Speech recognition language: Change the default language for speech recognition in the app so you don't get asked every time you send a dictation to speech recognition. Choose Always ask if you want to choose the language manually.

Preferred typist or team: When you use the Send to transcriptionist function or Finish a Speech recognition session you can choose who receives the dictation. With this setting you can either choose Always ask or set your preference.

  • The list contains all typists or teams that are linked to your author account. The Set up user relationships section covers in more detail how you can create workflow relationships.

  • (Default team): Every author is automatically linked to his default team and new dictations are assigned to it per default. All typists that are part of an authors default team will receive his dictations, the Set up user relationships section covers in more detail how you can link typists.

  • Private (Unassigned): Dictations assigned to Private (Unassigned) are only visible to you.

Require PIN / Biometrics to access the app: Add an additional security layer. Every time you access the app you need to authenticate yourself (e.g. via fingerprint or passcode, depending on the configuration of your device).

Dictation properties: Here you can define a default value for various dictation properties. It is also possible to add new entries here, which will be available for selection later on. If you activate the Mandatory property option, you must fill out that specific dictation property (e.g. work type) before you finish the dictation.

About: View more information about the app.

Help: Opens the online help.

What’s new: Here you can access the release history and learn about the latest features and functions.

What’s coming up: Have a look at the upcoming features planned for the coming months.

Delete local dictation data: Change the interval at which the app automatically deletes dictation data from your local device.


Make sure that you are online before using the Delete local dictation data now button. Dictations that have not been synchronized will be deleted!

Philips Remote Device Manager: Here you can configure the access to Philips Remote Device Manager (PRDM). You can access the Technical documentation here, where you can find more information on how to set up and configure PRDM.

Sign out: Here you can sign out of the application.


The SpeechLive Mobile App supports Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) as well as Mobile device management (MDM). This can be used by your organization's IT administrator to pre-configure the app. You can download a sample .xml file here.