Foot control


Follow the instructions in the Set up your dictation hardware with SpeechLive section to set up your dictation hardware with SpeechLive.

Transcriptionists have the option to configure their foot control pedals according to their personal preferences.

Configuring the foot control
  • Select the appropriate foot control in the tab (4-pedal or 3-pedal)

  • Select the function that you want to assign to a specific pedal from the drop down menu.

  • Click OK to finish the configuration.

Philips ACC2330 foot control

For the Philips 4-pedal style foot controls (ACC2330) you have the following options:


Philips ACC2310 and ACC2320 foot control



The pedal configuration only works if the ‚N-T‘ switch on the bottom side of your foot control is in the ‚N‘ position.