Player buffering

Buffering of the SpeechLive web player can be caused by many different factors, we recommend to always check the network connection first.

You can also check if buffering is caused by SSL filter in your antivirus software.

Check the website certificate

  1. Open Chrome web browser and login to SpeechLive.

  2. Click on the grey padlock symbol in the address bar to View site information.

  3. Click on Connection is secure.

  4. Click on Certificate is valid.

  5. On the Certificate screen, choose the Certification Path tab.

  6. If the Certification path starts with the name of your antivirus software (e.g. ESET like in the screenshot), it means that the SSL filter is enabled, which causes player buffering.


How to disable SSL filtering in your antivirus software


The following steps apply to ESET antivirus software; however it can be adapted to any other antivirus solution.

  1. Open the main program windows of your Windows ESET product, and navigate to Setup and choose Advanced setup.

  2. Click WEB AND EMAIL, expand SSL/TLS and click the slider bar next to List of known certificates.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter "" for the URL address.

  5. Set Scan action to Ignore.

  6. Click Ok to apply the settings.

  7. Restart your Chrome web browser.

    X Recheck the certificate (as outlined in Check the website certificate), it should no longer contain the antivirus software.