What's coming up

Here you can find some information about what we planned for our upcoming releases.


All new features will only be available for the new Web App.

Pop-out player

We will continue to improve transcriptionists' lives with a new way to play back dictations. Users will be able to play back dictations in an extra pop-out window that stays on top. This makes it even easier to transcribe dictations and move the player where needed, takes up much less screen space, and gets out of the way of daily work.

ETA: April 2024

Dragon speech recognition

We are currently working on an integration to support Dragon Legal Anywhere, Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Law Enforcement (North America only) within SpeechLive. This integration will allow users to send dictations to Nuance's speech recognition servers and receive a transcribed document along with the original audio. This further enhances our speech recognition offering and allows users to have more choices when it comes to speech recognition.

ETA: April 2024

Automatic assignment and reassignment of dictations

Administrators can set a preferred team for all dictations or based on dictation priority. Additionally, they can also define a fallback team or typist, which receive dictations not yet transcribed. This feature will also enable keyword-based routing of dictations, e.g. based on the work type or custom fields. These automatizations greatly reduce the workflow tasks for the administrator and cause less overhead.

ETA: April 2024 (SpeechLive Enterprise only)

Custom dictation property values

The account admins will be able to define values for the different dictation properties. By already defining those properties it’s easier for organizations to use the same dictation properties across different users.

ETA: April 2024

Open Mobile App with parameters

Users will be able to use links which open the Mobile App and pre-fill some dictation properties. This simplifies users' lives and saves them time in their daily work.

ETA: April 2024

Improved reporting performance

We will make some improvements to the performance of the reporting tab of SpeechLive, increasing loading times as well as processing times. This ensures that users will get the information even quicker, helping them to allocate resources more efficiently.

ETA: April 2024

Auto refresh dictation list

The new Web App already supports auto-refresh as it is available in the old Web App, it means the dictation list will be automatically refreshed periodically. However, we are already working on a bigger and more sophisticated auto-refresh feature for the new Web App, offering an even better experience for the users.

ETA: Q2 2024


We will add notification functions to the new Web app, so users always know when a dictation is processed or a new dictation is ready to be transcribed.

ETA: Q2 2024