What's coming up

Here you can find some information about what we planned for our upcoming releases:

Automatic Upload from path (Desktop App)

Upload dictations automatically from a preselected folder or path. With this feature you can put all dictations in just one place and get them automatically uploaded to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q1-Q2 2023

Desktop App Mac Version

Our Mac users will be able to use the SpeechLive Desktop App on their computers. We will enable them functions such as Speech to text in any text field and uploading dictations automatically to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q2-Q3 2023

SpeechLive API

We will provide an API (application programming interface), allowing third-party developers to better integrate SpeechLive into their software solutions. This way you can send dictations and other information from the software you are currently using to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q2-Q3 2023

Improved SpeechLive Web App

We will make some major improvements to the SpeechLive Web App. This includes a new user interface more in line with the Mobile App as well as big enhancements to the overall user experience.

ETA: Q3-Q4 2023 (selected customers during the beta roll-out)

Improved search function

Users will be able to search for dictations, dictation properties and attachments. This improves the life of the users to quickly find specific dictations as well as attachments in SpeechLive.

ETA: Q3-Q4 2023 (part of the improved SpeechLive Web App)

Advanced reporting

Account administrators will be able to access reporting’s regarding their SpeechLive users. This includes information about typists and their respective turnaround time. With this it’s easier for administrators to spot issues and streamline the transcription process.

ETA: Q4 2023 (part of the improved SpeechLive Web App)

Automatic dictation routing

Administrators can set a preferred team for all dictations or based on dictation priority. Additionally, they can also define a fallback team or typist, which receive dictations not yet transcribed. These automatizations greatly reduce the workflow tasks for the administrator and cause less overhead.

ETA: Q4 2023 (part of the improved SpeechLive Web App)

Confidential dictations

Authors can mark dictations as confidential. This enables the author to better control more sensitive dictations and which users are able to access them.

ETA: Q4 2023 (part of the improved SpeechLive Web App)