Workflow administration

The landing page for workflow administrators is the Users dialog.

From this screen you can access all other SpeechLive workflow configuration options.



Only SpeechLive administrators or office managers can access the workflow tab.

The toolbar of the Users dialog contains the following options:




Add user: Click this button to add workflow users to the system


Settings: Click this button to open the following setting options:

  • General Settings*: Logout time for workflow users in SpeechLive web access

  • Users: Add, edit, or remove users

  • Workflow relationships: Connect authors and transcriptionists


    This function is only available for SpeechLive Pro and Enterprise.

  • Activities*: Download a CSV file to track the activities in the workflow

  • Dictation history: Here you can download a .csv file containing information about the created and transcribed dictations of your account

  • Search dictations: Option to search and download lost dictations, e.g. if they were accidentally deleted by a user

  • Backup: Download a backup of all dictation files from your account that are currently in the system

  • Speech recognition*: Define the preferred languages in your SpeechLive account for speech recognition

  • Archive settings*: Define the visibility as well as the purge interval of archived dictations

  • Active Directory*: Here you can activate Microsoft Azure Active Directory Provisioning and get all the necessary access data.


    This function is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.

  • API*: Here you can activate access to the SpeechLive API.


    This function is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.


Help: Opens this online help

*...only available for Account administrators