Search dictations

In the Search dictations screen you can search and download specific dictations. This helps e.g. if a dictation was deleted by accident.



To search for a dictation enter the expression you would like to search for into the Search field of the toolbar.

  • Search will start as soon as you start typing.

  • The search results will be displayed in the list underneath the toolbar.

  • Click on the Search-dictations-list_icon.png icon of the requested dictation to display all potential versions of the dictation. The list will then show the current status, the last date of change and the folder where the dictation is stored.

  • Select the file version that you want to download and click on the Download icon WF_download_icon.png  in the toolbar.

  • For security reasons SpeechLive asks for the administrator password before the download starts.

  • Click OK to start the download of the selected dictation.

  • SpeechLive then downloads a Zip file that contains the dictation file, the corresponding XML file, as well as all potential attachments of this dictation.

  • If needed you can send the dictation to the owner who can then upload it to the SpeechLive user account via the SpeechLive dictation management web client, or SpeechExec dictation software.