Add user

To add a workflow user click on the Add user icon in the toolbar:


The Add new user dialog pops up


In the headline the dialog displays the number of configured/total users in the system.

To continue fill in the dialog as follows:

Personal information



Email address

The email address is the login name of the workflow user.

It is used for logging in to the workflow user's SpeechLive account in the SpeechLive web client, SpeechExec clients as well as in the Philips Voice Recorder app (authors only)


This is the name that is displayed in the SpeechLive workflow users list, the SpeechLive workflow relationship list, the folder view of connected typists in the SpeechLive web client as well as in the SpeechLive section of the SpeechExec client.*

This name is also displayed when clicking on the SpeechLive login button after login.

*...Authors only

User role

This is the role you would like to assign to the user - Author or Transcriptionist


The role cannot be changed later on!

Office manager

Click on the checkbox to assign the Office manager administration rights to a user. An Office manager is able to add and remove users as well as to define and edit workflow relationships of this account.

SpeechExec Pro subscription



Use SpeechExec Pro subscription

Enable this option if the user shall enable the SpeechExec software with a SpeechExec Pro subcription (license) that has been purchased in SpeechLive.

For utilizing the SpeechExec Pro subscription in the SpeechExec software select 'SpeechExec Pro subscription' in the SpeechExec license selection dialog.

Speech-to-text package



Enable speech-to-text package

Enable this option to activate the speech-to-text package for this workflow user. See How to activate speech to text for more information.

Email notifications



E-mail notifications for typist on incoming dictations

Enable this setting if you want that the transcriptionists is periodically informed via email that new dictations have arrived in their SpeechLive account.

E-mail notifications for transcribed documents

Enable this setting for authors if you want that they are informed via e-mail if a typist, SpeechLive transcription service, or SpeechLive speech recognition service has finished transcribing a document.

Enable this setting for transcriptionists if you want that they are informed via e-mail if SpeechLive transcription service, or SpeechLive speech recognition service has finished transcribing a document.

Email only

Only sends the notification email to the user, but without any attached documents (recommended).

Email with attached document

Sends a notification email and an attached document (e.g. from transcription service) to the user.


This setting is not recommended since the document could be routed via insecure email servers. For secure access to the document we recommend to log-in to SpeechLive or to use SpeechExec to download the document to a local drive. Philips Voice Recorder app users can also receive the document as an attachment in their dictation list.

Send dictations via email



Allow author to send dictations via email in the Mobile App

If this checkbox is disabled, the author will not be able to send dictations via email in the mobile app. The "Send via email" option will no longer be visible for him.


This function is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.




Zapier notifications for transcribed documents

The Zapier interface enables to send transcribed documents or its contents based on some pre-defined parameters to a web-based application. This option can be used with over 1000 applications like Salesforce, Google Docs, OneDrive and many more. All you have to do is sign up to and configure SpeechLive and the application you want to connect with.

If you enable this setting the  contents that you have defined in the Zapier app (e.g. the dictation, the attached document, the document text) are sent to the connected web application whenever a dictation has reached the ‘transcription finished’ status at the end of the SpeechLive workflow.




Add more users

If this checkbox is enabled SpeechLive will bring up another Add user dialog when the current user has been created for this account speeding up the whole user creation process.

Add user

With this button the user is created in the system, but no invitation email will be sent.

In the Users list the user will be displayed as Not invited.

Use this option if you want to prepare all users and the workflow relationships beforehand and send the invitation emails later on e.g. if you want to make a remote session with the users to run them through their SpeechLive workflow user account activation.

Add & Invite

With this button the user is created in the system and the invitation email will be sent.

In the Users list the user will be displayed as Invited.

Use this option if you want that the users are able to use the SpeechLive workflow immediately. Note: For security reasons the activation link in the invitation email is valid for 24 hours only. After that a new invitation has to be sent to the user.


Click this button to cancel the user account creation. All changes will be discarded.