Delete user

  1. To delete a user, select the user from the Users list and click on the Delete user icon csm_Delete_icon_d0ed97ac2e.png in the toolbar.

    X The Delete user dialog pops up.


    For security reasons a user who takes over the dictations has to be defined if there are any own dictations in the workflow user's account.

  2. Select the user who will take over the dictations from the deleted user and click OK.

    If no dictations are in the workflow user's account no takeover user has to be selected.


    If the last user of a role shall be deleted no takeover user can be selected. In this case make sure that the workflow user has no dictations in the account. Otherwise the user cannot be deleted.


    Its recommended to do a Backup before you delete the last user and all his dictations. Your dictations can’t be recovered once an account is deleted.