How to delete a user

You can delete a workflow user in SpeechLive if you e.g. no longer need a specific transcriptionist or author. To delete a transcriptionist or an author:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow tab.


    The Workflow tab is only available for account administrators and office managers.

  2. Select the user in the list and click on Delete usercsm_Delete_icon_d0ed97ac2e.png in the toolbar.


Depending on your configuration, you may need to take some further steps:

  • Automatically reassign dictations to a different user

    If you have more than one transcriptionist user in your account, you can automatically reassign dictations to a different transcriptionist (the same is true for authors):

    1. Choose the user who should receive the dictations in the dialog window.

    2. Click OK to finish the deletion process.


When you delete the last transcriptionist user of your account, you can choose an author to take over dictations still assigned to the transcriptionist.