As the Administrator of the SpeechLive Account for your company it is your responsibility to create the Workflow users and relationships along with a multitude of other settings that can only be defined by the Administrator of the account.

In this short guidance document we will point you in the direction of the relevant help articles so that you can navigate efficiently to the most common questions.

To gain a high level overview of the functions that the SpeechLive Administrator account can set and define please follow this link: Administrator. This article will give you an overview of these functions. However, in this document we will take a deeper dive into these with the use of our help articles.

The first thing you will need to do to achieve a basic, functional SpeechLive account for your company is to create your Workflow Users (your Author and Typists). This article outlines the steps you need to take to setup and invite the users: User management.

There is the ability to give Workflow Users the “Office Manager” privilege which gives these users a full overview of all the jobs in the system. It will also allow them to reassign them to other Typists or Teams, should there be any bottlenecks. Further information can be found here: Office manager view.

A more comprehensive overview of the “Users” page and explanation of the different buttons and functions of these on this “Users” articles: Users.

After all the users have been invited and roles have been defined you will need to setup the Workflow Relationships and Teams. These features need to be configured so that Authors can send to specific Typists or Teams. This article outlines how to setup Workflow Relationships and Teams: Creating relationships.

Once you have set up your Workflow Users, Relationships and Teams and have sent the invite out to them, the next thing to decide and define is what services will be available to them. SpeechLive offers two additional services (at an additional cost) for your company. These are outsourced Transcription Services and Speech recognition. You can read more about these services here: Available SpeechLive Services.

In order to learn more about the outsourced Transcription Service, including how to enable and disable the service, along with how to configure it please view this link: SpeechLive transcription service.

There is more information about the Speech recognition service including how to enable and disable the service, along with configuration on this link: How to activate speech recognition.

The SpeechLive solution also allows for a second layer of security to be configured for the login phase of the Administrator and Workflow User accounts. This is called Multi-Factor Authentication and you can find out how to enable it here: How to activate multi-factor authentication.