4 benefits for businesses moving to the cloud

The cloud is hot buzzword these days and people think of it as either sunshine and rainbows or an approaching thunderstorm. Ultimately, the future is in the cloud or at least hybrid options, so let’s have a look at some of its benefits.

4 benefits for businesses moving to the cloud
4 benefits for businesses moving to the cloud

A Money Saver

Every business is looking for ways to leverage Information Technology to increase productivity and efficiencies. Especially as technologies allow people to be agile and competitive, the need of something right here, right now is rising. Cloud computing does this by allowing organizations to not break the bank on storage, servers and management services, as services can be moved to the cloud with minimum cost, making your operations more efficient. Furthermore, with cloud storage, everyone has easier access to files and there are several options for enhanced security rather than relying on USB sticks or sending everything in emails.

Scale Like Never Before

In good times or bad, the ability to scale with change is essential especially when demand suddenly increases. The best part of cloud is that if an application exhibits large volumes of traffic, service does not degrade because additional servers can take on the job. This elasticity is what makes cloud attractive.

Security and Data Monitoring

Safety of your data and information is part of the cloud package. The server hosts reduce inefficiencies because they make sure every aspect of your data security is monitored and updated. The cloud uses data encryption to ensure strangers cannot peek into confidential information. Data Monitoring also goes hand-in-hand with security. The monitoring of strange and unusual activity ensures data stays safe and workflows are smooth.

Beating your competitors

Are you and your competitor neck to neck in your industry? Have you ever thought that maybe something internally can change the dynamic? If your competitor is still doing “the same old thing” you can beat them to the punch by moving to the cloud. Reap the benefits of greater scalability, faster adoption and improved customer service in your business while they might be snoozing on this opportunity.

A Message from the Experts:

Still on edge, even our own IT department raves about the power of cloud solutions in the workplace. Here’s what they say:

We believe the future is cloud! From an IT perspective it’s important because it enables location, time and device independent access for geographically distributed teams. In addition, technology infrastructure costs can be saved through cloud, as there are no investment costs for hardware or building out a data center. And Cloud workloads can be flexibly adjusted as required. Furthermore, automatic versioning takes place and if, for example, there is an outage, data is deleted or a device breaks down, the data can simply be downloaded from the cloud storage.


Michael Wosol – Head of IT, Lisa Michaelis – IT Specialist

Future Forecast: Sunny and Cloudy Days Ahead!

Think about the potential benefits outlined here that can shape your business for the better. Cloud is the way to go and as more devices are connected to the cloud the integration becomes smoother and connection between devices is seamless. By beating your competition with better security, reduced costs, and improved efficiencies, you can expect profit margins to increase. As they say, when it rains, it pours!

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