Evolutionary approach, revolutionary results

With a rich heritage that spans more than a century, Secrest Wardle is a law firm that has witnessed many historical and technological changes – through which the firm’s attorneys and legal professionals have remained committed to a client-focused, results-driven approach.

Evolutionary approach, revolutionary results
Evolutionary approach, revolutionary results

As the world moves into the Post-Digital Age, Secrest Wardle is leveraging the power of the cloud to maintain its enduring brand promise of outstanding quality and service in a rapidly changing landscape.

From the physical realm to the digital

Secrest Wardle has leveraged Philips recording solutions for many years, and when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic early in 2020, Secrest Wardle’s Information Technologies Manager Julie Gorney needed to transition the firm’s solution to provide additional flexibility as staff suddenly moved to full-time remote work. Ms. Gorney saw an opportunity to implement SpeechLive. The intuitive, cloud solution offers device- and platform-agnostic speech-to-text and dictation and transcription workflow capabilities that allow users to work anytime, anywhere with the same functionality they have in the office. With automated routing and configurable options for transcriptions, it is a simple way to boost an organization’s agility.

“Solutions like SpeechLive are the wave of the future. We got up and running with minimal training and we can make changes and adjustments as needed very easily.”
Julie A. Gorney
Manager, Information Technologies

An evolutionary approach that is proving to be revolutionary in the way a firm continues its legacy and thrives – this is the power of innovation in voice.

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