How to transcribe audio to text

Transcribing audio to text may be necessary if you deal with important and sensitive information. This includes everything from interviews and podcasts for the entertainment industry, to court proceedings in the professional setting.

How to transcribe audio to text

Transcribing audio into text accurately does not need to take a lot of time. All you need is a solid tool and to help you input the relevant information in the required places and you’re great to go.

While it is possible to transcribe an article by yourself, it can take a lot of time and accuracy and speed mainly depend on experience and expertise. So, it’s better to get a professional transcription service such as Philips SpeechLive to transcribe audio recording to text for you.

Transcribing audio files to text can be benefitial to everyone, whether you are a lawyer, educator, researcher or interviewer.

How to transcribe audio to text with SpeechLive

Philips SpeechLive is a professional dictation and transcription workflow service which offers a highly effective and accurate transcription service. The way the transcription service works is very simple. The following are steps you should take to transcribe audio to text using the SpeechLive Transcription Service.

Sign up

The first step is to sign up for a trial using through your web browser. All you need to do is insert the required information such as your name, email and password and you’ll be good to go.

Record or upload

Once you’re done signing up, upload an already pre-recorded audio to the website to be transcribed. You can also record a new audio with the built-in recorder or using our mobile app. After that’s done, you can select the Transcription Service and your audio ill be sent off to one of our trained transcriptionsts. 

Receive your transcript

When the transcription is done, the transcriptionist will send the finished document to you through the platform. You can be alerted when the transcription is ready by email too.

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What are the features of SpeechLive that makes it stand out from other transcription services

The amazing thing about using a professional transcription service is that you get perks that would not have been ordinarily accessible if you’re doing the transcription yourself. Some of the perks you’ll get from using SpeechLive are listed below.

Great recorder

The built-in recorder and player on SpeechLive are aeons ahead of its peers. The whole set-up is meant to enhance efficiency when it comes to sharing, documenting and accessing your audio files. You can access the recorder through the website or our mobile phone app. Recording your voice is easy using the SpeechLive web recorder and you can comfortably start, stop, rewind and overwrite passages if needed.

Foot pedal compatibility

SpeechLive makes transcriptions quicker and more comfortable. Having to use a mouse or your keyboard can be tedious and take a long time. Whether you’re reviewing a transcript which just came from the Transcriptionist Service, or one of your staff members is carrying out the transcription themselves, SpeechLive allows you to easily move back and forth within the audio file using the built-in player. With a foot pedal, the user can focus on the text and keep their hands and eyes free for typing or editing. 

Cloud-based storage

Usually, you can delete something you’ve recorded by simply pushing a button, but a backup can come in handy at any time especially in situations where you mistakenly push that button. Once you make that mistake, it may be difficult to get either your audio files or transcripts again.Once you dictate or upload a recording onto Speechlive, it becomes accessible by you and you can back it up as well for the future. The same goes for the transcripts you get when you pay to transcribe recorded audio to text. Even if you lose the document on any other storage device, you’ll always be able to access it on SpeechLive if you have backed it up there.  

Multiple speakers

Transcriptions are generally difficult to do but it becomes even more difficult when multiple speakers are introduced into the equation. This is very applicable if you want to transcribe interview audio to text. SpeechLive provides services which make transcribing audio files with multiple speakers become a walk in the park. 

What are the benefits of using a transcription service like SpeechLive?

There are numerous benefits you can gain from transcribing your audio files. These benefits apply in the professional setting and also in other situations. In fact, it may serve as a really great marketing strategy.

If you’re in the entertainment line or you want to make a video or audio content, having a transcript along with it can make a world of difference. Think of it as watching a movie with subtitles. Without subtitles, the movie is good, but with subtitles, the movie becomes great. Automatic subtitles are not always very accurate. 

Now, let’s talk about the several benefits you can get from using a transcription service like SpeechLive.


One of the most important things for anyone who wants to transcribe audio files to text is accuracy. Getting a precise transcription can take a whole lot of time. Unfortunately, there are not many people that can go about their daily jobs and still spend a lot of time over audio and video files trying to transcribe them. That’s where SpeechLive comes into the equation.

At SpeechLive we can transcribe video audio to text for you. We can also transcribe recorded audio to text in a short period of time. We value efficiency and accuracy, that’s why our Transcription Service, which is provided by 100% human transcriptionists, are guaranteed to be very accurate.

Having a human transcribe recordings leads to higher accuracy than automatic speech recognition. Our transcriptionists are trained professionals who can transcribe even complex terminology with ease.

Saves time

Transcribing anything takes a lot of time. It’s possible to spend more than one hour on a 15 minutes audio and that’s on a good day when the recording is nice and clear. When there’s some background noise or the audio quality is bad, the time you or your secretary will have to spend on it will be more.

In order to avoid the backlog of work that getting a transcription done by yourself can cause, it’s better to get an independent person to do it for you. It’s even better if the independent person is a professional. Then the time it takes for a transcription to be done will be greatly reduced. This in our opinion is the best way to transcribe audio to text.

At SpeechLive, we have an option to get urgent transcripts within 5 hours only. That’s a ridiculously short time. You can send your audio files to us at the beginning of an office day and get it back before lunch. Doesn’t that sound great!


It’s understandable to mistakenly think that transcribing is all about writing down what’s in an audio or video file. A lot of people make that mistake. However, transcribing is more than that. 

For example, transcribing a court proceeding requires the transcriptionist to know legal jargon and a person who has never heard this terminology before will find it difficult to transcribe such a recording. They may misspell some words and misunderstandings may arrise as a result. This is why it is essential to have professionally trained transcriptionists at your side. Be it in-house, as part of your team or externally, for example the transcriptions through our SpeechLive Transcriptionist Service. 

Does SpeechLive provide transcription in other languages

While English is in the top three on the list of the most spoken languages in the world, we all know that a lot of people still speak other languages. If you’re looking for an easy way to transcribe audio to text in another language, then SpeechLive is a pretty great option.

The following are the available options for foreign language SpeechLive transcriptions;

English transcription

This is standard and it includes all audio and video files in English language. The price $1.39 per minute excluding taxes and the standard turnaround rate is also 24 hours for 120 minutes. You can order for urgent delivery which will ensure that you get a transcript in 5 hours for every 25 minutes worth of audio but the price becomes 25% more.

For multiple speakers, the price goes up. For 2 speakers, the price is $2.66 per minute. Three speakers is $3.41 per minute, 4 to 7 speakers is $3.71 per minute and 6 or more speakers cost $4.47 per minute.

German transcription

The second language you can get a transcription for at SpeechLive is German. The standard price is $2.89 per minute excluding taxes with a 24 hours turn-around rate for 120 minutes of audio or video. The amount of time can even be cut in half with a 25% increase in price. The urgent turnaround time is 8 hours for 25 minutes worth of audio.

To transcribe multiple speakers, the price differs. For two speakers, you only have to pay $4.39, for three speakers, $5.56 and for 4-5 speakers, $8.80 per minute. The price for transcribing the articles with 6 speakers and above will be communicated to you on request.

French transcription

The last language on our list is French. This language is very well used especially in the professional setting. The pricing is also very budget-friendly. It is just $4.29 per minute excluding taxes. Urgent delivery is not available and the price is higher depending on the number of speakers the audio or video has.


Transcribe audio to text automatically with SpeechLive. You can use our speech recognition, transcribe the audio yourself in-house by your assistant or have one of our trained transcriptionists transcribe your files for you. Get your transcription done with us today.

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