Philips SpeechLive has just joined forces with Nuance's Dragon Speech Recognition
Liam Malyn, Thought Leader Speech Recognition

Unparalleled accuracy thanks to personalized speech recognition profiles.

The latest version of Philips SpeechLive dictation and transcription workflow solution features integrated Nuance Dragon speech recognition. With this integration, users can expect unparalleled accuracy thanks to personalized speech recognition profiles. This advancement in dictation technology not only streamlines workflows but also takes efficiency to unprecedented heights, empowering legal professionals worldwide.

Innovative speech recognition technology in its latest iteration is a game-changer, constantly refining its accuracy by learning from errors. This advancement is a boon for busy lawyers, enabling them to craft precise documentation quickly, thus optimizing efficiency and speeding up the documentation process. Moreover, automated transcripts paired with original recordings allow assistants to swiftly address any discrepancies, liberating them to focus on more impactful endeavors. The result? Heightened work satisfaction and productivity across the board.

Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, underscored the importance of this collaboration, expressing: "The integration of Nuance Dragon into Philips SpeechLive marks a significant enhancement for legal professionals. By merging top-tier AI-powered speech recognition with the best-in-class dictation platform, we're empowering legal professionals to benefit from the best of both worlds. This unique combination will streamline their workflow and achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in their document creation process."

Here are the unique benefits tailored for legal professionals:

Tailored Legal Vocabularies

Gain access to specialized legal vocabularies ensuring accurate transcription and adherence to industry-specific terminology.

Personalized Speech Profiles

Customize speech profiles to streamline workflows, minimizing repetitive corrections and maximizing efficiency.

Adaptive User Recognition

Nuance Dragon's adaptive learning optimizes transcription accuracy by adapting to individual preferences.

Streamlined Functionality

Enjoy enhanced features within SpeechLive, including live dictation and recording capabilities, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Flexible Mobility

Access SpeechLive across multiple devices, from PCs to mobile phones, facilitating work from any location and accommodating flexible arrangements.

Real-time Dictation with Dragon Bar

Dictate directly into applications like Word documents or Client Management Systems (CMS) for convenience, simplifying the documentation process.

Robust Data Security

Philips SpeechLive ensures data security with servers located globally and features such as Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-on, prioritizing the protection of sensitive information.

In the legal field, successful communication hinges on precise speech recognition seamlessly integrated into workflow systems.

The versatility and convenience of the Philips SpeechLive platform are tailor-made for the ever-evolving demands of legal professionals. Serving as an all-in-one dictation and transcription solution, it equips time-strapped individuals and busy firms to reclaim valuable time and increase productivity. By automating the documentation process between authors and transcriptionists, it enables flexible work arrangements from any location, ultimately enhancing efficiency and profitability.

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