Remote teams series: connectivity, cohesion, collaboration

Digital transformation – the increased use of digital technologies and digitized data to impact how work gets done – heavily influences how we engage and interact with internal teams and our customers. While this isn’t a new concept, the global COVID-19 pandemic thrust businesses across the world into remote work.

Remote teams series: connectivity, cohesion
Remote teams series: connectivity, cohesion, collaboration

This forced change paired with a renewed focus on work-life balance has many formerly office-based employees working from home, and remote working will continue to evolve in the months and years to come.

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is learning how to effectively communicate in a virtual world. It is crucial to find the right technology to support and enhance connectivity, ultimately helping ease friction points and break down workflow silos.


The first part of our series focuses on some key ways successful remote teams leverage technology to maximize connection and productivity.

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