Speech AI in Action, leading the way in voice productivity with Microsoft's Speech Analytics

Liam Malyn, Thought Leader Speech Recognition

For over 70 years, Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) has been a pioneer in voice productivity, primarily serving the legal and medical markets under the Philips brand. SPS has consistently improved the speech-to-text experience for its customers, earning its place as the global market leader in the industry.

SPS is a proud member of the Microsoft Azure AI Insider Private Preview Program

A cornerstone of our success and innovation has been our long-standing partnership with Microsoft as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). This collaboration has deepened over the years, particularly with Microsoft's product group focused on Speech Recognition and Speech Analytics. We are proud members of the Microsoft Azure AI Insider Private Preview program, which has been a game-changer for us. This program gives us access to new Speech Analytics services before they hit the market, streamlining every aspect of the development process from setup to deployment and beyond.

Together with Microsoft, we presented our latest innovations in voice productivity at the Microsoft Build Conference 2024

This annual event, renowned for gathering developers and tech enthusiasts from around the globe, serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Our presentation "On the verge of revolution in voice productivity," highlighted the transformative potential of our partnership with Microsoft. We showcased how Microsoft Speech Analytics, integrated with our solutions, can dramatically enhance voice productivity, simplifying tasks and accelerating results. This collaboration leverages the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure AI Services, particularly through Philips SpeechLive, to bring "Speech-to-results" technology to the forefront, promising significant benefits for our customers.

A concrete example, imagine a busy lawyer managing multiple cases, recording numerous dictations, and needing to quickly retrieve specific information from past recordings. Philips SpeechLive, SPS's leading cloud dictation solution, now integrates Azure AI to address these challenges efficiently.

With Azure AI embedded in Philips SpeechLive, a 20-minute deposition recording can be analyzed and transcribed within moments. This integration offers a comprehensive, point-by-point summary and saves valuable time by providing features such as one-sentence descriptions without the need to click, along with timestamped, speaker-separated transcripts. Legal professionals can now focus more on their clients instead of sifting through audio files or lengthy transcripts.

Our CEO, Dr. Thomas Brauner, expressed immense pride and gratitude to the team: “I am more than positive about the opportunities that are ahead of us. SPS (Philips Dictation) is fully committed to making this a success for both companies and above all for the customers! Microsoft Speech Analytics will change the way our industry works, thus considerably helping our customers to simplify work with accelerated voice productivity... and SPS is proud to contribute to this fascinating journey. The future is now in bringing 'Speech-to-text' with the help of AI to the next level, namely 'Speech-to-results'! Thus, boosting customer benefits with Microsoft Azure AI Services based on SpeechLive.”

For those who missed the live presentation, a recording is available here:
Give your GenAI apps a multilingual voice with Azure AI Speech Processing Solutions.

Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to innovate and redefine the future of voice productivity, making work simpler and more efficient for everyone.

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