Teamwork makes the dream work

Even if you’re a sole practitioner attorney, physician or sales professional, chances are you still have a team supporting you. Even one-man(or woman)-shops need assistants or client and patient service representatives to help them address admin and business issues, while larger organizations use whole teams that might even stretch across multiple time zones or continents.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Regardless of your organization’s size, everybody on your team needs to be able to seamlessly communicate and share information to finish projects, increase sales and serve customers or patients.

With a growing number of professionals across all industries working remotely and using flexible work scheduling, it’s more important than ever for team members to collaborate and stay in the loop. As organizations become more amenable to working from home and non-traditional work hours, online, cloud-based and mobile tools are now a must for any team-based work environment.

Here are few examples of how to unite your teams online & expand your digital workspace:

Join Slack or another cross-organizational communication application

It’s no fluke that Slack, the online platform where team members can chat and collaborate as a whole or individually, passed 4 million daily active users in October 2016, just over three years since its launch.

Finding a platform such as Slack can reduce unnecessary, distracting emails and make communications quicker than ever. All communications and files are centralized and easily accessible, so projects move forward faster and team members are happier.

Leverage the cloud for file sharing

Cloud-based file sharing can also reduce some of those annoying emails, while securely storing confidential internal or client data in an accessible location, even when you’re not in the office. When these cloud-based file-sharing apps are specialized, it can help teams work even more seamlessly. Philips SpeechLive, for example, is a cloud-based file-sharing app for dictation recordings and transcribed documents that thousands of professionals rely on to eliminate time-consuming typing and work more efficiently while mobile.

Provide same mobile devices or apps across teams

Smartphones and mobile smart devices help team members stay productive anywhere. If teams are using different mobile devices or operating systems, sometimes they are limited to email or texting apps to communicate or exchange files, which isn’t ideal.

Uniting teams with the same mobile apps or even devices can help ensure that communication and data sharing doesn’t hit technical snags that could leads to inefficient workflows and frustrated teams.

These are just a few suggestions to help team members at your organization work more productively, no matter where they are. Since everyone is unified using the same tools and files delivered on the same interface, your projects and workflows can move faster so you can get more done, accelerate your sales and satisfy your customers.

Boost the productivity of your team