The funny realities of working from home

By now, many professionals have been working remotely for almost a year. However, even if you’ve successfully adjusted to the “new normal” – new work environment, virtual teams, different technology and much more – working from home can be lonely and stressful at times, as we miss out on in-person interaction. On the bright side, there are aspects of remote work that often produce some lighthearted fun.

The funny realities of working from home
The funny realities of working from home

From tech mishaps to curious kids and misbehaving pets, working from home is not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes you just have to laugh about it.

Four-legged coworkers aren’t always helpful

For pets around the world, seeing more of their humans must seem like a dream come true. But furry friends don’t necessarily make for the best coworkers. Whether they’re sprawling over the keyboard, walking in front of the camera, or trying to get you to pet them instead of type, some pets need to learn proper office etiquette before we’d offer them a permanent role.

Sharing a workspace with small humans is difficult

Working from home usually involves many video calls, and as a parent, often involves surprise cameos from children on team meetings and even interviews. Having kids at home can make it hard to be productive, but it definitely keeps things interesting!

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures…

Technical difficulties are inevitable

No matter how long we have been using video conferencing technology, something always seems to go wrong. Mute, unmute, sharing screens, internet connection, interesting backgrounds, and even turning yourself into a potato…video calls always keep us on our toes.

And by now, we have all learned to be sure to turn off the video when you decide to change locations…

Dressing for Success is optional

Since there’s no reason to leave the house for work, there’s no reason to get out of your PJs! Even for video calls, only the top half has to be put together. So the old adage “dress for success” is optional…and so are pants.

We can all agree that we’ve learned a lot in the last year and we definitely haven’t had a shortage of memes. Over the next year, let’s strive to learn how to become true professionals in front of our laptop cameras and really take advantage of these new technologies that are changing our everyday lives.

First issue 20.03.2021