Transcription service


In this section you can purchase transcription service credits. If the SpeechLive transcription service was not enabled in your account so far, you also have the option to select the transcription service language and to use the transcription service trial credits.



Select language

Select the language of the transcription service.

There are four options available:

  • UK - English

  • US - English

  • French

  • German


After the order it is not possible to change the transcription service language.

Select minutes

Select the number of minutes you would like to purchase or select the 10 minute free trial option if the SpeechLive transcription service has not been used yet. You can purchase between 20 and 2500 minutes in the SpeechLive online shop.


The selected value will also be used as the default value for automatic recharge of transcription service credits.

Auto-recharge credit

If this setting is enabled SpeechLive will automatically top-up your transcription service credits by the selected amount if the available credits fall below a certain threshold level. The lower limit can be defined in the SpeechLive Account > SpeechLive transcription service settings.


We recommend to enable this setting for seamless operation.

Enable transcription of multi-speaker recordings

If this setting is enabled SpeechLive workflow users can define the number of speakers before sending off multi-speaker dictations for transcription.

  • If this setting is enabled auto-recharge will be automatically enabled as well.

  • If users send off multi-speaker dictations with a single-speaker settings we have to ask surcharges to every wrongly sent dictation.

To order the transcription service proceed as follows:

  • Click on Free trial to order your free trial transcription service credits.

  • Click on Buy now to purchase transcription service credits.

  • Confirm your order by clicking on Pay on the next page or go back by clicking on Cancel.

  • After clicking on Pay the transcription service credits will be added and your account will be debited on the stored payment method (credit card or direct debit).


It is not possible to cancel any transcription service credit orders later on.