• The SpeechLive dictation management toolbar provides all functions that are required for the role with which the user is logged in.

  • Toolbar buttons that are not required for a specific role will not be displayed. For example a transcriptionist will never see the Record button in the toolbar. The screenshot above shows the toolbar for an author.

  • Toolbar buttons for functions that can always be executed are arranged on the right side above the dictation list.

  • The availability of icons on the left side above the dictation list is depending on whether or not a dictation was selected and on the current state of the dictation. For example, dictations in the state Transcription finished cannot be sent to the transcription service.

Available toolbar buttons on the left side




Search dictations:

  • Click on the search icon and select the item you would like to seach for: e.g.: Title, File name, Work type, Category, ...

  • Type in the requested term you would like to search for and hit Enter

  • The search will then update your dictation list and only show the dictations that fulfill the search criteria.

  • To remove a search filter click on the (x) icon in the search field.


Search is only applied for the currently selected folder in the Folder tree.


Open dictation:* opens the selected dictation (for authors only).


Play back dictation*: opens a drop down menu with two options:

  • Open in player

  • Preview


Download*: When clicking this toolbar button it opens a drop down menu with the options to download attachments or a dictation from SpeechLive.


Assign priority status*: Change the priority level of the dictation (see How to change the priority level of dictations).


Send to Transcription service*: Sends the selected dictation to the SpeechLive transcription service


This option is only available if SpeechLive transcription service has been enabled for your SpeechLive account and if the dictation is in Transcription pending state.


Recall from Transcription service*: Provides the option to recall a dictation from transcription service within 2 minutes after it has been sent off.This is useful e.g. if you want to edit your dictation, or if you decide to send the dictation to somebody else.


Send to Speech recognition*: Sends the selected dictation to speech recognition


This option is only available if speech recognition has been enabled for your SpeechLive account and if the dictation is in Transcription pending state. See How to activate speech recognition for more information.


Delete*: Deletes the selected dictation


Picture attachments*: opens a dialog to add/delete Picture attachments.


Reassign: Change the assignment of the current dictation, see Creating relationships for more information.


More*: Provides the following additional options for the selected dictation:

* the button is only displayed if a dictation is selected

Available toolbar buttons on the right side




Record: Starts a new recording (for authors only)


Recover dictation: Recovers a dictation if it has not been closed properly (for authors only).


Start speech recognition: Starts a new speech recognition session (for authors only).


Recover speech recognition: Recovers a speech recognition session if it has not been closed properly (for authors only).


Upload dictation: Opens a dialog to manually upload dictations from an external source.


Refresh: refreshes the dictation list


Notification settings: opens up the Notification settings dialog for the user.

For transcriptionists, the red balloon displays the reminder counter for dictations that still need to be worked on.


Settings: Provides the option to download the SpeechLive Desktop App, which is tool for automatic upload of dictations whenever a Philips Pocket Memo is connected to a Windows PC.


Help: Opens this online help