Speech recognition

Sending dictations to speech recognition

SpeechLive users have the option send a dictation to speech recognition. To do that proceed as follows:

  1. Select the dictation you want to send to speech recognition.

  2. Click on the Send to speech recognition button Send-to-SR_icon.png.

  3. Select the speech recognition language from the drop-down list and click on Send.

  4. The dictation is sent to speech recognition.

  5. You will receive the recognized document as an RTF* attachment to the dictation in the SpeechLive dictation list, in the SpeechExec client, in the SpeechLive Mobile app, or in the notification email if the attachment option has been activated.

    * RTF: Rich Text Format

  • The transcription of multi-speaker dictations (e.g. interviews, meetings) is not supported.

  • For multi-speaker transcription please use the SpeechLive transcription service and enable the multi-speaker option in the account administration.

Voice commands

You can use the following voice commands for speech recognition:

Add lines and spaces

New line

New paragraph

Punctuation and special characters






Question mark


Exclamation mark

Exclamation point








Open quote

Close quote


Open parentheses

Open parenthesis


Close parentheses

Close parenthesis



Plus sign


Minus sign


Equal sign


Section sign


Percent signs




Dollar sign


Pound sterling sign

Euro sign


Pound sign


At sign