Upload client

With the SpeechLive Upload Client you can automatically upload dictations from Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorders or competitor devices to your SpeechLive web clients without having to manually select the files for upload.

  • This tool is available for Windows computers only.

  • For Mac computers this option is not available. Please use the manual upload option of the SpeechLive client.

How to install the SpeechLive upload client

  1. Go to login.speechlive.com to log in to your SpeechLive account.

  2. After logging in, go to the Dictations tab of SpeechLive.

  3. Click on the Settings icon csm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png in the toolbar and choose Automatic upload.

  4. Click the Download button to download PhilipsSpeechLiveUploadClientSetup.exe.

  5. Start PhilipsSpeechLiveUploadClientSetup.exe and follow the installation process.

Connect SpeechLive to the SpeechLive upload client


  1. Go to login.speechlive.com to log in to your SpeechLive account.

  2. After logging in, go to the Dictations tab of SpeechLive.

  3. Click on the Settings icon csm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png in the toolbar and choose Automatic upload.

  4. Click the Connect button.

  5. Click the Copy button to copy the connection code.

  6. Double click on the SpeechLive upload client icon UploadServiceDisconnectedIcon.png in the notification area of the Windows Task bar.

  7. In the Connection code tab, click the Paste & connect button to connect the SpeechLive upload client with your account.


Automatic uploads will only start if the users are actively logged-in to the SpeechLive Dictation management Web Client of their SpeechLive account.

Supported devices

The SpeechLive upload client automatically recognizes the Philips DPM8000 series devices and Olympus DS-5000 series devices.

For Olympus devices the following subfolders are scanned if they exist:

  • FolderA

  • FolderB

  • FolderC

  • FolderD

  • FolderE

Supported file formats

The SpeechLive upload client only uploads those file formats which can be played back in the dictation management client:

  • DS2 unencrypted Philips

  • DS2 unencrypted Grundig

  • DS2 unencrypted Olympus

  • MP3

  • WAV (PCM, ADPCM) – e.g. from Philips Digital Pocket Memo, SpeechAir and Digital Voice Tracer

Supported languages

The SpeechLive upload client comes in 4 languages

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

Similar as in the SpeechExec installer the current operating system language is pre-selected. If the current operating system language is different than English is pre-selected.

Way of working

After login to the SpeechLive web client the author connects a Philips Digital Pocket Memo, a Philips SpeechAir, or any removable disk drive device (e.g. Olympus DS-5000).The device or the drive is recognized and the upload starts to the author’s SpeechLive folder. The uploaded dictations are automatically deleted from the device or the mapped disk drive after the successful upload.


For the transcriptionist the upload process works similar as for authors. However, before upload starts it must be clear to which author’s folder the dictation should be sent.

Therefore transcriptionists must select an author before upload starts.


If the transcriptionist is always working for the same author she can define a default author in the SpeechLive upload client settings.

Built in settings

Following settings are hardcoded into the upload client:

  • Set Transcription Pending state for all uploaded dictation files - all uploaded dictations will have the state ‘Transcription pending’.

  • Automatic renaming of duplicated dictation files - if the dictation file is duplicated in SpeechLive the dictation is automatically renamed with a '_###' suffix before upload.

Setting options

The SpeechLive upload client includes the following settings which can be opened by double-clicking the SpeechLive upload icon in the notification area of the Windows task bar.


Basic settings
  • Automatically start upload after connection of a voice recorder

  • Automatically remove dictations on the recorder after upload

Advanced settings
  • Manual path definition for dictation uploads – used for SpeechAir or 3rd party devices

  • Use file size limit for uploads – in case an upload of large files must be avoided

Default author (for transcriptionists only)


Connection code


Notification messages

The SpeechLive upload client informs the user about the current status and progress of the upload.

The following messages are displayed by default:

Recording device is connected


As soon as a supported recorder is connected or a mapped drive letter appears in the Windows systemthe Recorder connected message appears.

Upload in progress


This dialog is shown while the upload of dictations (and their deletion from the local storage) is in progress.

Upload finished


This dialog is shown as soon as the upload is finished and all files are deleted from the device (if the automatic deletion is ON).

The dialog informs the user that the upload is finished and that he can disconnect his recorder.

Additionally it shows following information:

  • No. of uploaded files

  • No. of errors +link to error description

Link to error description


If the user clicks on the link for more information a text window with some meaningful information about the error causes pops up.

Coexistence with SpeechExec, DPM Connect and similar tools

SPS provides several download tools for the Digital Pocket Memo e.g.:

  • SpeechExec Dictate

  • SpeechExec Pro Dictate

  • SpeechExec Pro Transcribe

  • DPM transfer manager

  • DPM Connect for SpeechExec Enterprise

The SpeechLive upload client is the last in line if one of the other download applications or services is running, because they provide more options than the SpeechLive upload client.

If one of these other applications or services is running and a recorder is connected and recognized by the SpeechLive upload client an error message will appear and the upload to SpeechLive is not executed.