Dictation properties

Dictation properties are meta data that come along with every single dictation. They contain information about the current dictation status, but also some information that are relevant for the dictation workflow. Dictation properties are transferred with the dictation through the whole dictation workflow from the creation of the dictation until it is finally archived and purged.

For example in the legal field, dictation properties could be Client name or Client ID, whereas in the medical field this could be Patient name or Patient ID. The SpeechLive workflow offers you to use the Custom1-5 properties for your individual setup of dictation properties. In the SpeechLive web client dictation properties are displayed as a pop-up window.

Depending on your user role you may or may not edit certain dictation property fields in this window. For example:

  • as an author you can define a Title for the dictation, change the File name or the Work type, as well as  assign Priority to the dictation and fill in Category, Department, Custom1-5 and the Comment field. You can also set a Due date for the dictation.

  • as a transcriptionist you can edit the Category, the Department and the Custom1-5 properties or you can add a Comment to the dictation.


  • To edit dictation properties simply click into the respective field(s) and change the content.

  • Click OK to save your changes and to go back to the previous window.


To provide a smoother operation in the SpeechLive web recorder the dictation properties window remembers the entries for the next dictation.