Use SpeechLive with SpeechExec

  1. Install the SpeechExec software on your computer (learn more about SpeechExec here).

  2. Connect SpeechExec with your SpeechLive account. All necessary steps are covered in the Connecting SpeechExec with SpeechLive section. You can also check the current status in the SpeechLive settings of SpeechExec, the Use SpeechLive checkbox must be activated.

  3. Dictations created in SpeechExec or SpeechLive will now be available in both applications.

  4. SpeechExec offers different options to process your dictations. Right click on your dictation in SpeechExec and choose one of the following options:

    • Send to SpeechLive transcription service

      Send your dictations to an external (human) transcriptionist.

    • Send to SpeechLive speech recognition

      Send your dictations to the automated (machine) transcription service.

  5. You can also send your dictation to a transcriptionist (e.g. in-house):

    1. Follow the steps outlined in the Use SpeechLive via web browser section to ensure the transcriptionist has a SpeechLive account and is linked to your SpeechLive author account.

    2. The transcriptionist can either use:

      • SpeechExec Transcribe: Repeat the login process outlined above and make sure to log in with the SpeechLive account of the transcriptionist in SpeechExec Transcribe.

      • SpeechLive: Once SpeechExec is connected to SpeechLive, dictations are synced between both applications.

        However, to playback dictations recorded in SpeechExec in SpeechLive, you have to choose the correct recording format.

        Navigate in SpeechExec to the General Settings and choose Recording in the Recorder/Player section of the settings.


        Click on Configure... select WAV as File type, PCM as Format and Attributes based on the quality you need. SpeechLive also supports the playback of unencrypted DS2 files.

    3. The transcriptionist now automatically receives all new dictations you created in SpeechExec.