How to activate speech recognition

The following guide covers all necessary steps to use the speech recognition functions of SpeechLive.


Every SpeechLive account receives free speech recognition minutes to try out this function. However, its not possible to use the free minutes in combination with the speech recognition package.

Purchase speech recognition packages

  • During the initial order process you can select the number of speech recognition packages you want to order.

  • If you already have an active SpeechLive subscription, just navigate to the Online shop of SpeechLive and buy the number of packages you need.

  • The speech recognition package is obtained for the remaining duration of your SpeechLive subscription.

  • Speech recognition is only available as an addon package for SpeechLive Pro or Enterprise.

Activating speech recognition packages

  1. After you acquired the speech recognition packages you can check their status in the Online shop section of SpeechLive, right at the top in the Your current product area.


    Number of speech recognition packages is the total number of available speech recognition packages for your account.

    Number of active speech recognition packages shows you how many packages are already activated for your workflow users.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab and select the user for whom you want to activate the speech recognition package.

  3. In the Edit user screen, activate the checkbox next to the Speech recognition package option and click on Save changes.


    X This workflow user can now use speech recognition in every SpeechLive application.


You can also deactivate the speech recognition package later and activate it for a different workflow user.

Deactivate speech recognition

Follow these steps if you want to disable speech recognition for your SpeechLive account (and all its workflow users) on a global level:

  1. Go to the Account tab.

  2. Scroll down to the Speech recognition section.

  3. Click on Disable speech recognition.