Overview of all SpeechLive changes and improvements:

  • Authors can now use the foot control or the buttons of the SpeechMike/SpeechOne to start new dictations or speech-to-text sessions from the dictation list (Philips Device Connector is required). After configuring the foot control, it's also possible to finish dictations, enabling hands-free working.

  • Added additional information regarding speech-to-text usage to the account activities information.

  • We improved the speech-to-text functionality of SpeechLive for the web version, as well as the Mobile and Desktop App.

  • Bugfix: Some links in the activation emails did not work.

  • Bugfix: After recovering real-time speech-to-text sessions, some additional commas where added to the transcript.

  • Added a new setting to define the preferred typist or team for dictations as well as the option to remember the selection .

  • Added office manager view: Any user with the office manager role is able to reassign dictations to different typists or teams.

  • Added support for SmartMike:

    • Record and play back conversations and choose between speakers during playback.

    • Transcribe conversations in real-time with SmartMike.

  • New teams feature: Assign typists to a team to improve your dictation workflow.

  • Flexible assignment: Change the assignment of a dictation between different typists or teams.

  • Added macOS support for Philips Device Connector to enhance the support for Philips dictation hardware on macOS.

  • Added an user survey to the cancelation process.

  • Added more details to account renewal emails (product details, runtime, etc.).

  • Added a new option to automatically set the dictation state to Correction pending after speech to text is finished.

  • New accounts no longer receive a free transcriptionist.

  • We introduced a new addon package for SpeechLive:

    Subscribers to the speech-to-text package can use all speech-to-text functions of SpeechLive: real-time or automated speech-to-text, in the web recorder, the SpeechLive mobile app and the desktop app.

  • SpeechLive now uses the same login screen on every platform.

  • Improved handling of accounts associated to the same email address.

  • Added multi-factor authentication option to improve account security.

  • Added support for .heif and .heic formats in picture attachments.

  • New voice command for English (GB): “Full stop” to add a period symbol (.)

  • Added the option to download just the transcript attachment of a dictation.

  • Improved playback performance in longer dictations.

  • Email notifications for typist on incoming dictations now include more details (e.g. the author of the dictation).

  • Picture attachments: Users can add pictures to their dictations (currently only available in the web version).

  • SpeechLive is now available in New Zealand.

  • Save dictations as draft and continue working on them later, even across different devices.

  • Sub-Dealers are now also able to log in and manage their customers.

  • Full release of Philips Device Connector; SpeechLive now supports Philips dictation and transcription hardware (SpeechMike, Foot control) in remote environments.

  • Added keep me signed in option to the login screen. Users stay signed in even when they close the window, turn of their computer or stay inactive.

  • Added Support for Philips dictation and transcription hardware (SpeechMike, Foot control) in remote environments via Philips Device Connector (beta version).

  • Alternative Login Page: Users can continue working on their dictations, even when the SpeechLive webshop is offline.

  • Only one active SpeechLive session is possible per user across different browsers.

  • Download dictation history of the last 12 months as .CSV file (increased from 30 days).

  • Sub-Dealers no longer receive an order confirmation e-mail

  • Improved Zapier functionality: Users can send audio files to SpeechLive, get them transcribed and send both audio and transcribed document to a 3rd party app for further processing or archiving.

  • Increased the maximum number of SpeechLive users for self-service accounts (SSA) advanced business package from 80 to 120 (Dealer activated accounts remain at 500).

  • Speech to text service that recognized voice in real-time

  • Support of SpeechExec Pro subscription for dealer-activated customers in all countries

  • Improved website performance

  • Download of an excel file that lists all dictations that have been uploaded to SpeechLive in the past 30 days (administrator functionality).

  • Increased maximum number of users for one account from 120 to 500 (Dealer activated accounts only).

2019.09.02 (SpeechLive 11)
  • Adapted End User License agreement for Austria and Australia

  • Support of Remaining time display in web recorder and web player

  • Extended playback speed range from 50% to 200% based on user requests (instead of 75% to 150%)

  • Support of SpeechExec Pro subscription for dealer-activated customers in Austria and Australia

2019.04.01 (SpeechLive 10.5)
  • Adapted terms and conditions for the German transcription service

  • Availability of transcription services for Swiss customers

  • Support for 120 users for dealer-activated Advanced Business Package customers with up to 25 connected transcriptionists per author

  • Search and backup option for Office Managers

2018.11.10 (SpeechLive 10)
  • New SpeechLive web recorder

    • Recording of dictations in browser window

    • Support for Mozilla Firefox (Windows) and Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

    • Support of SpeechMike Premium and SpeechOne in Browser mode

    • Dictation recovery function to safeguard dictations if browser has been closed accidentially

    • Dictation property window

  • New Online Help

  • New Canadian workflow server location

  • Enhanced SpeechLive access in Switzerland

  • Interface to other cloud systems via Zapier

  • Implementation of several change requests and fixes

2018.06.28 (SpeechLive 9+)
  • SpeechLive is now available in Switzerland

2018.05.19 (SpeechLive 9)
  • EU-GDPR compliance

    • New administration layers to avoid that personal data from EU customers is available outside the EEA

    • Adjusted signup and activation processes explicitly asking for consent to receive newslettes from SPS

    • Double opt-in for receiving newsletters the SPS marketing Storage of information if and when the consent to receive newsletters was given

    • New option in SpeechLive settings to unsubscribe from SPS newsletters

    • New option to disable the transcription- and speech recognition services to avoid accidental sending of dictations to US servers

    • Higher complexity rules for password generation in both, the webshop and the workflow area.

    • Further enhanced protection against intrusion attacks

    • Reworked legal documents taking care about GDPR requirements

  • New account reactivation option supports use cases, where it is required to reactivate an account:

    • Account terminated inadvertently

    • Failed payments

  • New workflow server in Australia

  • Improvements for administration and accounting

  • New SpeechLive trial registration option from SpeechExec

2018.01.31 (SpeechLive 8.5+)
  • Automatic Dragon speech recognition of SpeechLive dictations in SpeechExec Pro Dictate

  • New SpeechLive ‘Unlimited’ Advanced Business Package

  • Removed availability of Advanced Business Package Plus

  • Increased SpeechLive password security in SpeechLive webshop

2017.12.02 (SpeechLive 8.5)
  • Email notification for transcriptionists

  • New speechlive upload client for Windows computers

2017.07.01 (SpeechLive 8)
  • Simplified registration

    • Simplified trial option provides all features to the end users

    • Simplified registration dialog with a more appealing look and feel

    • Less steps, eliminated potential hurdles for the customer during trial registration

  • Removed hardly used or confusing options:

    • For self-service trials the supporting partner will be automatically selected based on the proximity of the partner location

    • The selection of transcription service trials is no longer mandatory

    • The ‚Get a quote‘ window after purchase has been removed

    • The SpeechExec purchase option has been removed since Feb 2017

    • Automatic forwarding to the workflow configuration page after registration

  • New tutorial for administrators and users in:

    • the Dictation management web client

    • the User administration

    • the Relationship management

  • Enhanced browser support

    • Windows 7/8/10

      • Internet Explorer 11 (with Java)

      • Google Chrome (Java free)

      • Mozilla Firefox (Java free) – new

    • Mac OS X

      • Google Chrome (Java free) – new

        Note: From SpeechLive 8 onwards the support for the Safari browser (with Java) will be stopped

  • General usability improvements

    • All business packages will get access to the full web player:

      • Typists with foot control support

      • Authors without foot control support

    • For failed payments, customers will receive reminder e-mails every 2nd day until the payment transaction was successful or the account was suspended

    • Support of 80 users for self-service ABP customers – since 8th March 2017

    • All system e-mails have been reworked (e.g. renewed and harmonized layout, added contact details, removed SpeechExec links, …)

    • Improved SpeechLive dictation management web client user interface

    • Improved workflow administration pages

    • Customers can now sign up to a trial via the Philips Voice Recorder apps

  • Enhanced web client

    • New folder tree view

    • New search filter

    • More worklist columns

    • New notification for Advanced Business Package users

    • New ‘unread dictations’ bar

    • New [...] ‘more options’ sub menu

    • New option to edit dictation properties

    • New option to change the dictation state

    • New option to download dictations

    • New option to manually send finished dictations to the archive

    • New option to un-archive dictations

    • Improved usability to start the transcription player with the status icon in the dictation list

    • New configuration options in the player view

      • Foot control settings (transcriptionists only)

      • Player configuration

2016.04.09 (SpeechLive 7)
  • Redesigned SpeechLive landing page

    • New videos on the start page

    • New ‚speech recognition‘ message and better explanation

    • New „Speech recognition service“ navigation point

    • Revamp of all SpeechLive services subsites including infographs

    • Updated pricing site provides a better overview about included services

    • Full adaptive design to also support mobile devices

  • New chat tools for SpeechLive registration process - Europe only

  • New option to purchase SpeechLive at your certified Philips dictation partner (dealer activation)

  • New Business package runtimes for dealer-activated customers

  • Support for up to 80 users (instead of 25) in the Advanced Business package

  • New SpeechLive speech recognition (SR) service for up to 21 different languages

  • New Workflow administration user interface

    • More intuitive user configuration user interface

    • The new ‘single click’ workflow relationship manager which is built for up to 80 users

    • Separated ‘Archive’ configuration

    • Harmonized settings for Small- and Advanced business package customers

    • Removed option to select between simple and advanced administration (lead to confusion with the business packages)

    • Removed option to select between ‘notification’ and ‘no notification’ folders in the relationship manager as this option was hardly understandable by customers

    • New ‘Activities’ submenu to download the workflow history of the account for support issues

    • New ‘Backup’ as well as ‘Search dictations’ tab (only available for account administrators)

    • New speech recognition submenu to configure the speech recognition language settings

  • New 'Office manager' role for key users

  • New administration guides reflecting the UI changes

  • New and improved system emails

  • Improved SpeechLive web client (Dictation management)

    • New option to delete dictations after upload also for Google Chrome (no Java)

    • New administrative setting to define automatic logout timespan for dictation management users

    • New option to send dictations to SpeechLive speech recognition

2015.07.21 (SpeechLive 6)
  • New transcription service for multi-speaker recordings e.g. for transcribing meeting protocols, or interviews

  • New browser-based transcription player with foot control support for Advanced Business package customers

  • SpeechLive is now available in Australia


  • Further improved SpeechLive documentation

  • Enhanced system emails

  • Removed option to use different billing address (the feature was not used by customers)

  • 10 minutes free transcription service for all SpeechLive trial accounts


  • A new option to purge the archive

  • Removed option to send priority dictations to the French transcription service


  • New option to delete dictations after upload

  • Work list icons are now harmonized with Philips voice recorder app icons

  • Dictation management Pro, for transcriptionist users of Advanced business package accounts.

2015.05.05 (SpeechLive 5)
  • Redesigned SpeechLive portal

    • Modernized animation effects

    • More intuitive access to different topics (e.g. product benefits, services, references, pricing, support)

    • Access to SpeechLive support information and user manuals without login

    • Separation of country selection and language selection

    • Simplified trial registration with less entry fields

  • New Advanced Business package plus + trial option- for Europe only

  • The new UI design from SpeechLive 4 is now also available in the administration area

  • New wording for runtime and payment date:

    • “Valid until” is now the term end of the selected business package

    • “Next payment” is the date when the next payment run will take place.

  • The FAQ’s have been revised and updated with the latest information for Stage 5 features and business packages.

  • Revised Administration guides and user guides

  • It is now possible to change the payment data at any time.

  • If payment problems occur the workflow we will not stop immediately. Customers have the chance to correct their payment data for two weeks until the workflow stops.

  • Revised all e-mail messages and notifications and added the latest information to the content.

  • Removed option to use AMEX cards in the European online shop for non-Euro countries (UK, DENMARK). North American customers as well as customers in EURO countries are not concerned.

  • Removed option for transcription service trial registrations on the SpeechLive registration pages. Instead the administrator can enable the transcription service trials in the account administration

2015.01.12 (SpeechLive 4)
  • New SpeechLive dictation manager web client

    • Login for all SpeechLive workflow users with their SpeechLive username (e-mail address) and individual password.

    • Account selection during login if multiple user accounts have been found

    • Display of appropriate functions for authors and typists according to login credentials

    • Automatic logout after 20 minutes of inactivity for security reasons

    • Supports Windows and Mac environments (IE, Google Chrome, Safari)

    • Supports English, French, German, and Dutch UI language

    • Provides a list of active dictations for authors and typists (Finished, Pending folders)

    • Display of selected dictation properties (status, name, author, work type, length, upload date/time)

    • Sorting per column

    • Manual upload of dictations from digital Pocket Memo (DPM) - currently without deletion from DPM

    • Selection of Author during upload on transcription side

    • Sending of dictations to SpeechScribe transcription service

    • Download of transcribed documents from transcription service

    • Changing of priority

    • Deletion of dictations

    • Audible preview of dictations without foot control support (supported formats: DS2, ADPCM-WAV, MP3)

    • Animated icons

    • Access to support page

  • Adapted tax calculation from 2015-01-01 in the SpeechLive online shop for all purchases that had been made in the European Union

2014.09.01 (SpeechLive 3)
  • Availability of Transcription service in French language.

  • New 10-minutes free trial for transcription services

  • Better support for new single users and trial accounts by automatically creating the first workflow user at account creation

2014.03.31 (SpeechLive 2)
  • Availability of SpeechLive in USA and Canada

  • New workflow server locations for North American customers

  • New local-for-local workflow principle:

    • European dictations stay on European servers

    • North American dictations stay on North American servers.

    • No transfer of dictations between the two server locations.

  • New payment providers for North American customers

  • New SpeechLive transcription services for US/UK English and German

  • New transcription service purchase options

  • New transcription service history display

  • New sending options in SpeechExec, the Philips Dictation recorder app as well as for DPM configuration

  • New option to receive documents with 'transcription finished' email notification

2014.01.14 (SpeechLive 1)
  • Webshop to purchase SpeechLive - two different business packages for up to 10 or 25 users or to sign up for a 30-day trial

  • Central user management

  • Central workflow configuration

  • Secure storage of dictations in the cloud

  • Workflow fulfills highest security standards.

  • SpeechLive servers are all located in the European Union.

  • All data are encrypted

  • Passwords are stored as encrypted hashes only (secure method)

  • Secure access to dictations via email address and individual user password

  • Payment is handled over secure payment provider. No payment data are stored in the SpeechLive system.

  • Availability in the following European countries Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom

  • Dictation and transcription via SpeechExec Pro Dictate, Pro Transcribe, Dictate, and Transcribe version 8.1

  • Upload of dictations from a digital Pocket Memo via SpeechExec Pro Dictate, Pro Transcribe, and Dictate version 8.1

  • Creation and upload of dictations on smartphones with the Philips dictation recorder app