What's coming up

Here you can find some information about what we planned for our upcoming releases:

Video attachments

Users will be able to attach videos to their dictations in the mobile apps.

ETA: Q4 2022

SpeechLive Enterprise plan

We will introduce an additional SpeechLive plan that includes new features, catered to the needs of larger organizations.

ETA: Q1 2023

Azure Active Directory Support (only SpeechLive Enterprise)

This feature will make the life of administrators much easier – Administrators will be able to add users (authors and typists) to the SpeechLive workflow by just adding them in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, streamlining the process of creating and managing SpeechLive users.

ETA: Q1 2023

Control email sending for the Mobile App (only SpeechLive Enterprise)

Account administrators will be able to activate/deactivate the email sending option for authors in the mobile app. This increases the account security, privacy and enables organizations to have more control when it comes to sensitive dictations.

Automatic Upload from path (Desktop App)

Upload dictations automatically from a preselected folder or path. With this feature you can put all dictations in just one place and get them automatically uploaded to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q1 2023

Desktop App Mac Version

Our Mac users will be able to use the SpeechLive Desktop App on their computers. We will enable them functions such as Speech to text in any text field and uploading dictations automatically to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q2 2023

SpeechLive API

We will provide an API (application programming interface), allowing third-party developers to better integrate SpeechLive into their software solutions. This way you can send dictations and other information from the software you are currently using to SpeechLive.

ETA: Q2-Q3 2023