What's new

Here is an overview of all the new features and functions that have been added to the new SpeechLive Web App, which is currently in Beta and available for selected customers and regions.

2023, November 28

Office managers can reassign dictations in different states

We added more assignment options for the office managers. They can now reassign dictations if they are in one of the following states:

  • Transcription pending

  • Correction Pending

  • Transcription suspended

  • Correction suspended

  • Recording Suspended

  • Transcription finished

This greatly improves the daily tasks of office manager when they need to reassign specific dictations to different users or teams.

More granular playback speed

Users can now change the playback speed of their dictation with even greater granularity. The playback speed can now be adjusted in 0.5 increments, allowing transcriptionists to choose the playback speed that best suits their working style.


Improved automatic sign out

We made some improvements to the auto sign out feature. If users are working on dictations in progress, auto sign out is prevented. The same is true if users are recording a dictation or playing back a dictation. The new default value for the auto sign out was also changed to “Never”. Account administrators can of course still change this setting any time in the settings of SpeechLive.



The real-time speech recognition is now also using the Rich Text Format (RTF) for the transcript.

We improved the error messages when setting the name of a team.

Some team icons were not shown correctly in the dictation list.

When filtering for dates in the dictation list, the time value is now also considered (e.g. if dictations where created on the same day).

It’s now possible to delete an author user if the user is also an account administrator.

Some account administrators where unable to sign in if multi-factor authentication was enabled for them.

Fixed a bug that caused extra text to be displayed when deleting dictations in bulk.

We improved the error handling when deleting dictations in bulk and an error occurs.

2023, November 3

Auto-refresh of dictation list

As already available in the old Web App, the new Web App now also supports auto-refresh for the dictation list. This means the dictation list will be automatically refreshed periodically to ensure users always see the latest dictation state and new dictations. Note: This is the first step towards a bigger and more sophisticated auto-refresh feature which is planned for the upcoming months.

Custom table width

Users can now change the width of the table columns in the dictation list. This enables users to further customize the dictation list to their needs, so they always see the information most important to them.

Remember cursor position

If typists start to work on a dictation and save it as draft, SpeechLive will remember the last playback position. This greatly improves the daily work especially when transcribing longer dictations.

Sort and filter by last modified date

Users can now sort and filter the dictation list also by the last modified date, offering more flexibility on how they want to sort their dictations.

Sort by author

The author column already had a filter option, but now we also added a sort function to this column, giving the users additional options to customize their dictation list.

New default winding speed

We changed the default value of the winding speed to 1. This means the cursor now jumps back only 1 second when users play back a dictation and click on the fast forward or rewind button. This value can of course still be further tweaked by the user to their preference.

Transcript reminder for typists

If typists try to finish a dictation without adding a transcript, we will show them a short confirmation message. This way the users get a quick reminder, avoiding any internal overhead for missing transcripts.

Edit dictation icon animation

We added a short animation to the edit dictation icon if users are trying to edit dictation properties. This way the users can see more prominently that they can use the edit icon to edit the properties of a dictation.

Improvements to add hardware dialog

We improved the dialog where users can add new hardware devices. From here, users can now always directly access the online help to read up on all different methods on how they can add hardware devices to SpeechLive.


We removed an error message when users where editing dictations and refreshing the dictation list.

We have removed an unnecessary error message when users reassign dictations as office manager.

Fixed some performance issues when users accessed the archive folder, which also caused some users to be unable to access the archive folder.

2023, October 24

Added support for DS2 files

Playback of .DS2 files is now supported.

Sticky checkboxes in the dictation list

Users may need a wide range of columns in the dictation list to access all dictation properties at a glance. When scrolling to the right, the checkboxes to select dictations are now sticking on the left of the screen. This enables users to select multiple dictations more easily when looking for specific dictation properties.

Reassign dictations for office manager

Office managers can now reassign dictations, even if they are not directly connected to workflow users.

Additional reset filter buttons

We already offered a reset filters buttons for the dictation list in the toolbar. However, some users may be faced with an empty dictation list when filters are active. To address this, we have added an additional reset filters button that is more prominently placed so that users can quickly reset all filters and see all dictations. This feature is available for both the dictation list and the workflow user list.

Improved account selection page

We have redesigned the account selector page, it is now more clearly arranged so that users can more easily select the account they need.

Users added via Single Sign-On now visible in user list

If users are added via Microsoft Single Sign-On, this is now also indicated in the user list in the administration section. This change helps account administrators to get a better overview how users have been added to SpeechLive.

Improved scrollbars

We improved the size of the scrollbars, so users are better able to navigate the dictation list and other user interface elements.

Dictation history download for office managers

The download of the dictation history is now also available for office managers.


When sending dictations to a typist, the “Remember selection” option did not work.

There was an infinite loop after the sign in for some users.

2023, October 12

Bugfix: Users of macOS Sonoma could not access SpeechLive.

2023, October 3

Bugfix: The display language of the application did not persist when changed and reverted back to English.

Bugfix: Foot control ACC2310 did not work.

2023, September 27


Administrators can view reports on their workflow users, such as typist turnaround time, average dictation length, and more. This statistical information helps the administrator plan more accurately, such as how quickly dictations are transcribed.

Account switcher

Users which are part of different SpeechLive accounts are now able to switch between these accounts by simply using an option the user menu.

Bulk deletion of dictations

Users can now select multiple dictations in the list and delete them all at once, saving them a lot of time when deleting dictations.

Bulk reassignment of dictations

Users can select multiple dictations in the dictation list and reassign them to another user. This saves a lot of time, especially when a user is unavailable and many dictations need to be reassigned.

Bulk archive of dictations

Once a dictation is finished, it can be sent to the archive. This new bulk action allows users to do this for multiple dictations at once.

Audio waveform

Dictations are now shown as wave form. This enables users to better understand the recording and jump quickly to the correct position within the dictation.

Upload video attachments

Users are now able to attach videos to their dictations, giving them an extra option to add information to their dictations.

Attachment gallery and preview

Users are now able to preview and view the attachments of a dictation in a handy gallery view.

Extended audio format support for upload

SpeechLive now supports more audio formats when uploading dictations.

Filter dictations by dictation properties

Users are now able to use various filters to only display specific dictations in the list, e.g. dictations with a higher priority, or assigned to a specific user.


Customize columns in the dictation list

Users are able to customize the order as well as the displayed columns in the dictation list.

URLs in custom properties

URLs added to the custom properties can be clicked and directly opened from the dictation list.


Highlighted due date

If the due date of a dictation is approaching, it is automatically highlighted so users can easily see which of the dictations in the list are the most urgent ones.


Quick actions

Users are able to use some quick actions in the dictation list by just hovering over a dictation, e.g. downloading attachments. This saves the user a lot of time, they can just quickly access their transcript.


Improved search functions

Users are now able to search directly in the dictation list of SpeechLive. Here, users can search for:

  • the title of the dictation

  • the file name of the dictation

  • the name of the attachment

  • the barcode users can add to the dictation properties

  • the comment field of the dictation properties

  • the content of the custom fields of the dictation properties

Search for dictation attachments

Users can now use the search function to search specifically for the attachments of a dictation.

Reset user password

Users are now able to reset their password without the need to contact their SpeechLive administrator.

Hardware support via Google SDK

Users can now add their SpeechMike or Foot control via Google SDK. All they need to do is click a button and choose the device in the list. Philips Device Connector (PDC) is also still supported.

Extended 3rd party API functions

We added more functions to the SpeechLive API. Its now possible to create multiple tokens, which can impersonate specific users ore user roles.


Webhooks enable other applications to be notified when certain events occur in SpeechLive. This could be e.g. when a new dictation is created, deleted, the state is changed and many more.

Bulk user import

Administrators and office managers are able to bulk import multiple users, saving them a lot of time when setting up new workflow users.

Search the user list

Administrators and office managers are now able to search the list of all the users in their SpeechLive account. This helps larger accounts to quickly find and edit specific users.

Sort and filter the user list

Its now possible to sort the user list or use filters to show e.g. only typist, or invited users.


Customize columns in the user list

Administrators and office managers are able to customize the order as well as the displayed columns in the user list, enabling them to display the most important information right where they need it.

Bulk actions for user list

Administrators and office managers can use bulk action to edit users in their SpeechLive account, e.g. assigning speech recognition packages.

Embedded online help

The online help is now displayed next to the application, to show information to the user right where they need it. We also improved the search function and added a search bar right at the top of the help.