As a Workflow User of the SpeechLive dictation the first thing you’ll need to do is to activate your account by following the link on the invitation email. This is a relatively straightforward process but there is a full explanation on this link: Account activation.

As a Transcriptionist you will spend the majority of your time in the SpeechLive Web Player. This is an intuitive user interface that will allow you to select files and control the playback with your foot control. This article will give you a high level overview of the function of the different buttons of the Web Player and explain how to open, suspend and complete transcriptions: Web Player.

There are also articles on how to configure your foot controls: Foot control and the playback behaviour of the Web Player: Player settings.

Now that your foot control has been configured it can be utilised with the Web Player. There is a full walk through of how to successful utilise and operate your foot control with the Web Player on this link: Control SpeechLive with your foot control.

The Folder tree of the SpeechLive Web Player is situated in the top left of the browser window and will show a list of all Authors and Teams you have a Workflow Relationship with. There are also multiple built-in filters which can be utilised. All is explained within this article: Folder tree.

Within SpeechLive dictations can have different phases and states which signify whether a file is in progress, ready for typing or completed. For a full breakdown of these states and phases please visit this article: Phases and states.

You may already have the SpeechExec software and wish to utilise this with SpeechLive, instead of using the Web Player. If that is the case then this article will outline how to integrate SpeechLive into the SpeechExec software: Connecting SpeechExec with SpeechLive.