Change dictation properties

To change the properties of a dictation:

  1. Choose a dictation in the dictation list or create a new dictation.

  2. Tap on the Info speechlive_app_info.png icon at the bottom of the screen to open the dictation properties.

  3. Scroll down and edit the properties as needed

  4. You can for example add a due date for the dictation, or change the priority of your dictation by choosing between Standard, High or Critical.

  5. You can also add dictation properties by scanning a QR code. Click on the scan-qr-code_icon.png icon at the top of the dictation properties to scan a QR code.


    QR codes to fill in dictation properties are provided by your organization or administrator.

  6. Close the dictation properties by taping on the confirm_properties.png icon.

    X The properties are added to your dictation and you can continue working on it.