Player settings

The Player settings button will bring up the player settings dialog.

Inside you can configure the following settings:




Playback speed

This setting is used to adapt the playback speed of a recording to your typing speed.

You can change the playback speed in a range from 50% to 200% of the original playback speed.

Winding speed

Sets the speed for rewinding and fast forwarding through recordings.

You can change the winding speed in a range from 2-30 times the playback speed.


Use this option and specify the number of seconds to rewind a file when restarting playback.

This helps you to easier find the position where you have last stopped your transcription.

You can change the auto-backspace time in a range from 0-10 seconds. The default auto-backspace time is 2 seconds.


Auto-backspace only works if the playback is controlled with a foot control.