This option is available for Account administrators only.

In the activities view you can download a CSV file that contains very detailed information of all account activities of the last 30 days.

This allows you to track any action that has done by the workflow users e.g. Dictation uploads times, deletion of dictations, current dictation state, transcription service information.


To download an Activity Log simply click on Download now.

SpeechLive will then download a Zip file that contains the Activity Log in CSV format which can be opened with Excel.


Dictation state

The Activity log contains information about the dictation state as dictation state ID.

The dictation state IDs translate to human readable state as follows:

State ID

State description


Recording in progress


Recording suspended


Transcription pending


Transcription in progress


Transcription suspended


Transcription finished


Correction pending


Correction in progress


Correction suspended


Waiting for adaptation


Adaptation in progress


Queued for transcription service


Transcription service in progress


Queued for Speech recognition


Speech recognition in progress