Creating relationships

To create a relationship for authors proceed as follows:

  1. Select the author to whom you would like to assign a transcriptionist.

  2. Select a single transcriptionist and click on the (+) icon, or click on the (+) icon in the typist header to assign all transcriptionists to the selected author.

    The selected typist(s) will be moved to the 'Linked typists' column

  3. Click on Save csm_Save_settings_icon_3fffd952a7.png to put the new relationship into action.

    At the next work list update the typist will be able to access the author's dictations.

Here you can see an animated view of this process:



To assign authors to typists you can change the view by clicking on the Typist to Author icon.


Here you can see an animated view for assigning multiple authors to a transcriptionist: