The sixth-largest executive search company in Finland, IMS Talent Oy is not only an established and valued operator in its sector, but it is also bold and open to change. Philips SpeechLive speech recognition service transforms IMS consultants’ dictations into text, enabling a smoother workflow, clearer insights, better occupational well-being, and high-level information security.

The core competences of IMS Talent, founded in 1986, are executive search, evaluation and enhancement of management teams, evaluation of boards of directors, direct search for board members, and international searches. The comprehensive service also includes tests, evaluations, and reference reporting. IMS Talent’s customers include medium-sized and large Finnish companies. Global support is provided by IMD International Search Group’s network of partners in over 25 countries and its membership of AESC, the global organization for executive search companies. The company’s very high net recommendation index, which stands at well over 90, is a sign of quality and customer satisfaction with IMS Talent.

The facts


IMS Talent Oy, Helsinki, Finland

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Oy Konttorityö

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The solution

SpeechLive cloud dictation solution

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Resources, quality, and efficiency

Successful executive search requires solid competence and a keen eye. A significant proportion of an IMS Talent consultant’s work consists of compiling reports about candidates. The reports delivered to customers are much more than just CVs – their purpose is to highlight the competence of each candidate at a deep and human level. Previous job titles alone cannot define a candidate’s true competence, nor can they begin to show their contribution to their employer’s financial targets. It’s even more important to understand whether the applicant can adapt to the culture of their future workplace. That is why it is important to consider their potential on a human level. The reports must be clear and comprehensive enough so that the client can easily understand why those put forward were selected as the candidates with the greatest potential. With the help of Philips SpeechLive, the reports are directly converted from speech to text, literally at the press of a button on a smartphone – anywhere, anytime.

“Reporting is a demanding process, where an opportunity to dictate an analysis directly into text can offer several benefits, including making it easier and more efficient to establish the bigger picture phase by phase. This way we also avoid laborious transcription work, a role which normally follows traditional dictation. We are able to free up time and capacity for actual dialogue with the customer. Because of SpeechLive, the work is not only more efficient, but also more flexible, which in my opinion is key to improving occupational well-being. The multilingual support and high-quality information security are important to us, our customer companies, and applicants alike,” says Heidi Hannuksela, Partner and Managing Director of IMS Talent.

Boldly forward

Inspired by their positive experiences, IMS Talent is continuously looking for new opportunities to use Philips SpeechLive, for example when creating contracts and job descriptions, and performing interviews and facilitative work.

“It was very easy to take Philips SpeechLive into use. After undertaking effective training, we dictated the first reports without any issues. We received effective and proactive support from the local Philips SpeechLive partner, Oy Konttorityö, and our issues were dealt with quickly rather than having to wait for them to be processed in a queue. Philips SpeechLive offers a clear and user-friendly solution that converts speech to text quickly and accurately. I can recommend SpeechLive to anyone who wants to enhance their processes to give them time to focus on their customers,” states Jaani Suominen, IMS Talent’s Partner.

Because of SpeechLive, the work is not only more efficient, but also more flexible, which in my opinion is key to improving occupational well-being.

Heidi Hannuksela
IMS Talent Partner and Managing Director

More satisfied customers

  • "Working with Philips SpeechLive is convenient. Plus, it is a very reliable system."

    Per Fridén
    Advokatfirman NORDIA, Scandinavia
  • "My brain doesn’t shut down, when I leave the office at five o’clock. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press ‘send’ – and then it’s done!"

    Mads Poulsen
    JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater, Denmark
  • "SpeechLive transcription service couldn’t be easier to use. Because it’s a cloud-based service it offers me the flexibility to send recordings for transcription from my office, home, or while I’m traveling."

    Ashish Duvadie
    Duvadie Barrister and Solicitor, Ottawa, Canada
  • "The combination of the voice recorder, smartphone and cloud-based workflow is for us the key feature of the Philips solution."

    David Bowers
    Bowers Electricals, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • "The technical expertise of the transcriptionists was immediately clear. Specialist terms and foreign words were correct, including grammatical corrections and the correct form used for proper names was even researched."

    Andreas Obermeier
    Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany
  • "Efficiency and accuracy are vitally important in the engineering sector. This is why SpeechLive is perfect to quickly yet flawlessly convert speech to text."

    Kate Beauchamp
    Mabey Holdings, United Kingdom

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